An Eternal Tune Poem by Hazel Durham

An Eternal Tune

Rating: 5.0

We breathe in the County Laois air,
As we walk down the long avenue without a care,
Two best friends side by side,
Remembering our humble lairs,
As we approach the end of the avenue
We know we both care

About our past of lively, young girls
Steeped in riding racehorses, that was our destiny, our course
Of lots of fun in the sun,
Even in the rain
Slanting across the untamed Heath,
Freedom without a worry, without a chain

Of responsibilities, we found the same heartbeats,
As we danced to the birds chorus in the early dawn,
The caravans are now gone,
Just an empty space filled with a lingering essence
Of energy, emotions kicking at the rules,
We laughed like the sun always shone,

Splashing in the garden pond
With summer's rays of courage found
Richard, Tommy, Nootsy, Joey and I,
Riding racehorses down country roads with our endless chatter,
The breeze was our companion that matters,
The trees guarding our presence,

The birds our chorus of dreams,
Living was a gift always with the promise of the sun,
But great sadness was going to be part of our future,
As my best friend Nootsy and Richard passed away too soon,
On never forgotten days of being young an eternal tune,
I still go back to the Heath House in my dreams,

Walking beside my best friend down the long avenue,
With the white Georgian house glistening in the County Laois light,
I hold memories like treasure held so tight,
They are God's Angels making their imprint a glorious sight,
As the land merges with the past it is the mystique of the night,
They dance underneath the glow of the stars and the moon

Listening to the beauty of their eternal tune.

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: past
This is my second poem about a time and place I hold dear of meeting wonderful friends. We all worked in a racing stables and the fun and friendship we had is my inspiration for this poem. But Nootsy my best friend died at 36 and Richard the stable jockey died in his thirties. This poem is dedicated to their amazing zest for life.
Kim Barney 27 October 2016

This is a beautiful, nostalgic poem. Wonderfully written, Hazel. Congratulations on doing such a beautiful job. I expect it to be Poem of the Day sometime in the future!

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Mizzy ........ 28 October 2016

Treasured memories lie deep in the hearts core Rachel.... To dedicate a poem to your friends is the ultimate respect You can show them. Past happiness and sadness are tangible in this beautiful poem. Great piece of work! !

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Susan Williams 28 October 2016

So well-written! I could have been walking amid you and your friends, tasting the air of your country, joking and laughing with everyone... sounds similar to my own youth except we did rodeos and playdays. Those were the days, weren't they? I'm glad you shared them with us, shared them with us, such things enrich our lives. 10

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Valsa George 29 October 2016

Certain places invoke sweet memories in us and we wonder if we can ever go back to those days of hearty laughter and careless fun! I can very well relate to this poem....! Those two friends who left this world prematurely leave in your heart painful memories! As you walk along with your friend now, you imagine those departed friends to be angels, dancing in the glow of stars and the moon! I enjoyed reading the poem, especially the closing stanza!

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Rajesh Thankappan 29 October 2016

This is a breathtaking poem offering a kaleidoscopic view of your nostalgic past along with the warmth that it diffuses even today.

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Yiyan Han 21 January 2018

Such a heartfelt piece I could sense Before reading your notes Friendship of friends and relatives Are what we care for......excellent 10!

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Dimitrios Galanis 19 November 2016

So beautifuly penned the touching memories.A tribute with a piece of art is so emotional!

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Kim Barney 15 November 2016

I have read and commented on this poem before, but I enjoyed it so much I had to come back and read it again. It is truly a wonderful poem.

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 06 November 2016

A poem of eternal tune mixed with tune of heart to remember the near and dear ones.It depicts that essence of friendship Hazel Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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Sekharan Pookkat 05 November 2016

remember our wonderful friends those who come to break silence in dreams and sighs broke out from our heart emptying golden days of childhood

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