Across The Wide Expanse Poem by Hazel Durham

Across The Wide Expanse

Rating: 5.0

Blinding light of love,
Shining sun high above,
A white dove
Flies flaunting a sign of peace,

To end our emotional war,
Of two hearts pulled apart,
With a siege on our troubled chart,
Of anger from the boiling cauldrons of our past,

Our passion was a flame,
Lit so fast,
Souls united so strongly,
Like sails on the main mast,

But storms raged and our ship is barely afloat,
You dug a large moat,
Around your castle,
Leaving me shouting across the wide expanse,

Of your betrayal and lies,
Now you are a victim of your lover's lies,
Your castle has crumbled,
The king is a pauper with a heart that dies,

Love was just a possession,
You have learnt a tough lesson,
My love for you is still ignited by my wild passion,
As i shout across the wide expanse,

Hoping you will hear the echoes
Of our love now on a calm sea,
I buy you a cup of tea,
You are broken in spirit and money,

I try and help you to see life is funny,
But you sit looking dejected a lone soul apart,
Can my love reach your dying heart?

Thursday, February 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love hurts
Rajesh Thankappan 06 February 2015

A beautiful poem with rich imagery and sheer magnificence of verse. For example, the last but one stanza. The beautiful things is that the lover does not harbor any vindictiveness towards her lover.

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Lyn Paul 06 February 2015

An incredible saga of words. So captivating. I now want the continuation of this story. Loved it. Thank you

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Akhtar Jawad 06 February 2015

I try and help you to see life is funny, But you sit looking dejected a lone soul apart, Can my love reach your dying heart? A wonderful poem, may be a story of two hearts or may be the story of Ireland and England..........10

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Valsa George 06 February 2015

Let me repeat Lyn's words.... An incredible saga of love..! Lovers drifted apart..... One went seeking fresh pasture lands.... but got disappointed at the end! The other still await on the far shore wondering if her love could reach him to blaze his dying heart! The poem is glowing with deep emotion! Enjoyed much!

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Jak Black 07 February 2015

This is a very well penned piece of writing. A poem that oozes talent. Imaginative and descriptive. I think Hazel here is giving us an insight of her true nature, compassionate, understanding and forgiving. You lose the flow in parts Hazel but the beautifully scented theme more than makes up for it. Another great write Hazel.

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Even when relationships die love is undying.Strong sentiments my friend!

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Stephen Katona 19 May 2015

Wow, this is a roller coaster journey of a relationship. Each verse could stand alone as powerful poems in their own right. I love the lines: 'Of anger from the boiling cauldrons of the past' - - helps me to feel that anger 'The king is a pauper with a heart that dies' - - worthy of adding to poemhunter as a single line quote! 'Souls united so strongly, Like sails on a main mast' - as above! ! a far more exciting version of 'two peas in a pod' as it reflects going on a journey through life together 'Can my love reach your dying heart' - - a great finish and quote. This final question echoes questions throughout the world where people try to help loved ones recover from depression or a withdrawal from life. In summary, this is a work of great depth with terrific imagery.

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Sekharan Pookkat 13 February 2015

Main mast stand still for care and control the moments you shared and echoes in true spirit- thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem

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Kim Barney 09 February 2015

Very nicely done. I hope it's all imagination on your part and not a true story. Best wishes.

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Dave Walker 08 February 2015

A great poem, love will always win through in the end, sometimes we can get Caught up in other things but true love will always come back.

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