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Be Still My Love

Rating: 4.8

I saw your tears in dawn’s soft light
As close beside you then I lay
Within my arms I held you tight
To ease you through another day

The smile that once lit up your face
Became a distant memory -
Oh you I never could replace
You’ll always be the world to me

Another day, another time
The sun will shine forever long
Across celestial realms sublime
When we will sing a sweeter song

Be still, my love, don’t weep, don’t weep
It’s time, my love, to sleep, to sleep

I wrote this poem around the time of my husband's death and in the turmoil, forgot to post it.
Kanav Justa 01 November 2013

Never ever i felt so touched after reading somebody 's poem... these poems are realyy very beautiful

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Marvin Brato 28 October 2013

Wonderful poem expressing romance filling the moment!

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Robert Green 24 October 2013

So very heartfelt................................

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Patricia Grantham 23 October 2013

Glad to have you back Valerie. Your poem echoes and resonates deep and emotional words of love and expressions of strength. To so lovingly bring this to the center of your poems is very encouraging. You are a poetess of the greatest caliber. Very heartfelt and touching.

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Kavya . 23 October 2013

magical words of love put together into a wonderful poem

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A sweet sad song of separation that is loaded with love and loss!

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Sofia Kioroglou 04 February 2016

Lovely poem! Full of love and emotion.

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Joe Hughes 30 December 2015

Romantic, comforting and leaking love

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Amitava Sur 14 April 2014

It is so endearing for the beloved that words cannot explain, ...... very nice

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Ken E Hall 10 November 2013

Beautiful title as the tide of feelings expressed at a heart wreching time so goes on... 'we'll meet again' fills the poem...regards

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