Bbb) Sweet Revenge Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Bbb) Sweet Revenge

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An eye for an eye
but mind you to avenge yourself
ain't easy as pie

Indeed a punch for a punch
or invite your foe
for a delicious
malicious lunch
to dish out revenge
and that's a dish best served cold!

But a tooth for a tooth
will it actually soothe?

A horrid scowl for an irate pout
you scream coz she did shout!

Ah that biting desire for sweet revenge
on the mind does it so scavenge!

Sweet it might seem, sweet at first feel
but it's really sour as an orange peel.

Then there's the danger of meting out in excess
There's a need to don self-control's harness.

One would wish to spread retribution evenly
on the slice of his enemy

But to chuck out all plots and thoughts of burning revenge
poses for man at times the greatest challenge.

Is it then so natural for this human brat
to cherish and relish a tit for tat

But if so many of your chores complain of your negligence
you might as well put off too, all wishes for vengeance.

Any wish for poetic justice, sing it in poetry
Harbor no desires for revenge in reality.

Ah alas as Jesus's way to offer another cheek
is for mortal man perhaps a task too meek.

Shahzia Batool 21 May 2013

a sweet sermon pleasant to read! ! !

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Kevin Patrick 21 May 2013

Excellent stuff, I love the rhymming and impressed by your wit. I do not relish sermons but this was a splendor

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Louis Rams 25 May 2013

a good write on revenge

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Yasmin Khan 30 May 2013

You have tried to delve deep into the philosophy of revenge. Use of simile like orange peel explains the idea vividly. I can give reference to a well-known song by Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy, the Nicaraguan singer with the title 'Revenge'.

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Elena Sandu 30 May 2013

This is a wonderful lesson taught a the most gentle way! Loved to read it, thank you!

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Ging Taping 17 June 2015

Pen is mightier than sword. Any wish for poetic justice sing it in poetry... Nice one congratz

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Melikhaya Zagagana 24 December 2014

Well, i'm not that brave but it is a sublime composure, thanks!

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Eugene Levich 06 September 2014

Lovely poetry- wise, witty, and funny- another tenner.

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Ken E Hall 03 March 2014

A tongue in cheek look at sweet revenge the gentle way...put away the long knives...regards

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Saleem Tharani 20 February 2014

But a tooth for a tooth will it actually soothe? That strikes the credulity of being human.... surely will serve the purpose, 'and will the swords go back to sheath'. Effective pen!

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

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