Before You Leave Poem by Seamus O' Brian

Before You Leave

Rating: 4.5

oh, for the gift of hands
to lift up the scattered pages of pain
and with the patience of the stars
transform them into the origami of peace
oh, for a soul with remnant enough
of the breath of divine to allow
the shadows of anger and pain
and evil to fall upon it and be absorbed
like the shadows of night before the dawn
oh, for eyes to see beyond the barbs
and spears of offense and wrath
to the thorn of wounded grief;
for words that might yet lay a balm
upon the aching chasm of a lonely heart;
I lay before you forgiveness and love
and fellowship and camaraderie,
the tarot cards of life and light,
lay down your spears and arrows
and choose one, or all,
or choose the shadows
and the pain.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: forgiveness,life,peace
Glen Kappy 05 June 2017

neal, once again you well represent the vulnerable and caring heart. here your reaching out reminds me of passages from american bard walt whitman in his song of myself. the barbs and spears brings to mind the slings and arrows of hamlet's anguished soliloquy. i understand that it is meant to convey to us as a priority that forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us is one of the few requests in the one prayer that jesus taught us to pray. with you in our common humanity, glen p.s. have i mentioned my poems listening to genius loves company or another glimpse of whitman as calls for us divivded americans to come together? -g

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Annette Aitken 09 March 2017

Loving this one Seamus, the visuals within your words are superb. I got drawn right into it, as your words and pictures swirled around me head with each line. I say it again loved it and off to my fav list. Annette.

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Anne Yun 09 March 2017

I choose all, my hands which are just caressed by words as gentle as snow and my soul with remnant enough are waiting for them to fall, the forgiveness and love from the other shore, yet i am standing still and asking for more, more poems from your peace-loving soul.

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Seamus O Brian 25 March 2017

Dear Anne, I am moved to silence by your words. I am afraid to write, lest the spell is broken, but my heart forces my lips to mumble 'Thank you', for your spirit of inspiration and grace that permeates all of your writing and brings light and joy to your fellow writers. I could ask for no greater audience, than a single heart that sees even as I see.

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Rebecca Navarre 07 March 2017

Seamus, This Is Such A Ever So Deeply Beautiful Poem! ! ! ! ! May (Your) Paths Always Be Bright! ! ! ! ! , , , , , May Your Journeys Always Bring You Much Joy And Light! ! ! ! ! Many Many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ++++++ Thank You So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! !

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Seamus O Brian 08 March 2017

Rebecca, I am always so glad when you stop by and leave a comment. Your comments are always so full of life and energy, they really make my day. Your kindness and grace shine through your words. Thank you ever so much!

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Kim Barney 07 March 2017

A fascinating poem, Seamus. It seems too deep for me to fully understand it. Maybe I'm just not awake yet. I'll try it again later.

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