Bob Dylan Wrote Masters Of War Poem by Uriah Hamilton

Bob Dylan Wrote Masters Of War

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Soldiers commit suicide
In far-off distant lands
Suffering from battle fatigue
From seeing too many children
With blown-off eyes and hands!
There is only so much
Cruelty and death
Any sane human can take
Before his soul becomes
A withering flower
Perishing on desert sand.

Mary Nagy 31 January 2006

Wow..........what a poem Uriah! It does make you wonder how ''average'' men and women just jump into the role of soldier and have to see such atrocities and horrible tragedies and then they are supposed to be thinking clearly while making life and death decisions. I don't think I'm strong enough to be a soldier. Very moving poem. Very sad. Sincerely, Mary I'm not sure if you wrote this or Bob Dylan did.......but my comment stands either way. :)

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Hugh Cobb 01 February 2006

Great poem, Uriah. It really hits home with our troops and national guard and reservists out facing these situations on a daily basis. Once there you cannot help but be changed. Warm regards, Hugh

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 01 December 2006

'You’ve thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled Fear to bring children into the world' Bob Dylan pulled out all the stops in Masters of War. i see you've done the same! just awesome. Jake

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Anna Russell 24 April 2006

Masters of War is one of the greatest works ever written and this is an exquisite poem which compliments it perfectly. Hugs Anna xxx

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Shannon Chapel 10 February 2006

Uriah, What can I say? This is a very moving piece. All those young men and women who have lost their lives. Once one has seen such things they're never quite the same. So beautiful and sad. Shannon xoxo

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Joy Vanderhelm 06 February 2006

Yes, he did, Uriah, yes, he did. One of my favorites of his and this poem is a fiiting tribute to his message. I actually went through my entire Dylan collection(quite a feat though not nearly as considerable as yours and Jake's, has he seen this yet I wonder?) just to find all the versions I have of Masters of War. And, then I went on to Man of Constant Sorrow, Hurricane, Blowin in the Wind, House of the Rising Sun and of course, A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall. Dammit, now I think I'll just have to listen to everything else too. Thanks, Uriah, truly inspiring poem even if it was just to listen to that great old folk!

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Ivy Christou 03 February 2006

Bob Dylan sang it and you express it in poetry. either way the message is there! HBH

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