Borris-My Life In A Day Poem by Hazel Durham

Borris-My Life In A Day

Rating: 4.9

Bluebells flaunting their finery,
Its cool allure grows from a bulb in the earth so pure,
The forest flirts with ever changing skies,
Truth flourishes here as nature never lies,

I belong to its secrets cherished in its mighty fold,
My eyes swim in waters defiant and bold,
I roam with an endless vigour.
Suddenly, the birds are silent and I feel cold,

My memories dig deep
About my heroine, my guide,
As I try to hold the tide back, I weep.
Comfort was in her sweet scent embrace,

I seek her kindness, love, a veil over an exquisite face,
The umbilical cord intact between mother and son,
Never to be broken or forsaken,
I remember her eyes wild, blue and true,

She resides in her heavenly glade.
I wander down to the river and I wade
Into its shallow side, I cast my fishing line,
The gentle Blackstairs Mountains frown as there is no more sunshine,

My town Borris holds me close in its tender embraces,
Free, I'm part of nature's many faces,
My damaged heart always freezes,
Lust is my quick fix gratification,

A storyteller to keep my lovers at a distance,
My party piece is my solo dance,
The bluebells gift me a second chance,
Comfort me,

Befriend me,
Without needing ownership,
My lips tremble as I feel my mother's love,
Moving through this green window,

Her brown tresses gathered up in a satin bow,
A lilting voice calls my name as I sow
My bounty of contentment,
We dance on the forest floor of enlightenment,

The end of the big freeze,
The glade of bluebells sway in the warm breeze.

The inspiration for my poem is a fella I know called Ger he loves his mother so much but I'm very sad to say she died early on in his life.
This poem is dedicated to fascinating Ger!
Kumarmani Mahakul 04 August 2019

This is an outstanding poem relating to mothers love, nature, memories and inspiration having thrilling expression with nice collocation. Each stanza is much fascinating. Nice penmanship. It is a great tribute to Ger's mother. Thank you dear madam for sharing this gem.10

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Mahtab Bangalee 04 August 2019

Befriend me, Without needing ownership, /// beautiful expression

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Mahtab Bangalee 04 August 2019

o the heart inside the heart I live love is there independent for the mother motherly love since the birth a piece of incomparable love not from the red heart, not from the blue no colors are there no conditions wherever whenever for the motherly love it's independent no mirage, no charlatan it lends pure and pure at every breath scent for motherly love it grow grand....///

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Paul Brookes 05 August 2019

A beautifully and well expressed poem of sadness and joy and the blue of the sky and the sea and the river a but most of all the bluebells and the brown earth. great write

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Valsa George 06 August 2019

This is a lovely rendition of being left in Nature's lap enjoying the sight of the forest flirting with the ever changing skies and a glade of bluebells swaying in the warm breeze. At such a lovely setting and mood, you are taken back to the days when you were in the warm embrace of a loving mother. Through this lovely poem you let the readers too enjoy an exotic ambiance!

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Khairul Ahsan 05 May 2020

'The end of the big freeze, The glade of bluebells sway in the warm breeze' - glad to see this happy ending of the poem.

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Kostas Lagos 14 December 2019

I'm happy to discover this poem, even after a long time. Loved it!

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Bri Edwards 22 September 2019

2 – Why does you heart freeze? ? and WHAT is the ''? do you REALLY refer to a craving for " " ? ? ! me too. at first i thought your heart might freeze when thinking of your departed/dead mother. [of course this poem needn't be about YOU] to MyPoemList bri :)

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Bri Edwards 22 September 2019

1 – " Borris is a small town on the River Barrow, in County Carlow, Ireland. It lies on the R702 regional road. Borris has views of the neighbouring countryside with Mount Leinster and the Blackstairs Mountains to the east.." favorite lines so far: " She resides in her heavenly glade. I wander down to the river and I wade" if this keeps up, i shall have to put Borris et al into MyPoemList.

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Susan Williams 20 August 2019

Bluebells flaunting their finery, - - - - - - What an exceptionally beguiling beginning line! ! ! ! ! !

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