Brand New Poem by Hazel Durham

Brand New

Rating: 4.9

I lived your dream of faraway places,
Conversations of sunshine forever and smiling faces,
Your appetite for living, drew me closer to you,
Neverending adventures, with a glorious abundance of everything new
Passion for the earth you loved, with your friends high up above,
You generously filled my cup to the overflowing brim,
Encouraging me to stand up and fight to win,
Against all that pain and anxiety inflicted on me,
You spread a velvet red carpet before my feet,
As you brought to life the magic of temples, lagoons and desert sand,
Winds of change, just part of your nomadic life,
Blowing away the entrapment of isolation,
My heart sang a new tune in key,
With renewed zest, hope and love that i could see,
Laughter was always your guest,
Happiness dissolving the conflict and mess,
Safe in your arms for a while,
Giving me space to shine, with every mile,
I could breathe in the scented, intoxicating aroma of the roses you brought,
White, pink, red, golden hue and a smiling you,
The gift you gave me then was precious,
You made me feel so alive and brand new.

This is about a time in my life when everything seemed to be going wrong and i felt very isolated and alone, then i met this wonderful man, who became my boyfriend and he did make me feel brand new!
Kevin East 01 November 2012

Poignant and rich in a tapestry of emotive words...excellent..

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I really love this poem! ! Nice dance of words and utmost love expressed in this poem. You must care about who this describes very very much. What A Beautifal poem!

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Sandy Player 24 December 2012

Written straight from the start like the change has taken place. It must've been a sure change.

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Kanav Justa 27 December 2012

You have an amazing style of writing.. loved it

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Dermot Mc Garthy 28 March 2013

They say sentimentality makes bad poetry, but there are some lovely images here that make beautiful music. When was this anyway?

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Akhtar Jawad 08 March 2015

Sometimes a painful patch disturbs us mentally but at last it's removed..................10

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Jak Black 20 January 2015

A great write. You've captured the very essence of what love ought to mean.

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Ramesh Rai 27 September 2014

A lovely write with a great message Encouraging me to stand up and fight to win,10

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Amitava Sur 25 March 2014

Very nice elaboration about how a good soul can rehabilitate a disturbed and unorganized life to a normal and peaceful one. Kudos to that boy friend and his good soul.

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Noreen Carden 25 September 2013

My heart sang a new tune in key.A beautiful line Hazel well written Really enjoyable read

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