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Burning Need - (Sonnet)

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In reverie, I dream that I may write
A poem for tomorrow ‘fore tonight,
But still the words elude my empty mind –
I search and search, but such I cannot find.

If inspiration yet should come my way
Perhaps then I shall write a verse today
Which maybe, come tomorrow, you shall read,
So then to satisfy my burning need.

But if perchance a verse remains unwrit’,
Then I shall search my archives bit by bit
To try and seek a poem hidden low,
A rhyme I wrote a long, long time ago.

Alas, such poem yet I can’t locate -
Therefore my burning need remains unsate.

Heather Wilkins 19 July 2013

a good poem about writing a poem. many times the words just won't come.

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Danny Draper 19 July 2013

Writers block in sonnet lamented methinks the problem has been attended. Love the rhyme of the last 2 lines almost discordant in its beauty.

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David Wood 19 July 2013

Nice one Val, sonnets are flourishing on PH.

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Sandra Feldman 19 July 2013

I saw a bird upon a tree, And thought how nice, that it is free, Our inspiration is our tree Without it, we cannot be free. Know the feeling, as usual, so beautifully, and poetically expressed, you are a poetess with such finesse! ! !

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Hans Vr 18 July 2013

As by wonderful coincidence, Val, just before I read this poem, I was looking at my list of favorites and found nocturne, one of your archived poems, which I enjoyed very very much. This current sonnet expresses so well the poet's feelings. Marvelous

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Geetha Jayakumar 28 August 2013

Beautiful sonnet..I love reading sonnet, but I don't know to write.... Yes, its the burning need to write, Keeps our head spinning to the height. And a lovely poem is on our way to write. Loved reading it.

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Joseph Anderson 25 July 2013

Your muse is only napping, but even then you got a fine poem. I can't find that word-unsate Still worth a 10

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Diane Hine 25 July 2013

Always seeking to recreate the initial thrill of a completed poem - true.

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Patricia Grantham 24 July 2013

I agree wholeheartedly with this one. There are times I must say that we may become at a lost for words when it comes to writing poetry. When that happens we must regroup. The majority of the times for me I have to be inspired to write. There maybe thousands of subject to write from the question is are they all suitable subjects for the Poet. There will always be a burning need. That is a good thing. A great write.

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Rupesh R.k Babu 23 July 2013

keep rocking.........

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