Broken Mirror Poem by ahmed khaled

Broken Mirror

Rating: 4.3

it left all light behind
came alone to see me
at moments, exiled out of time
raining old faces,
sad looks,
and sins of women,
seeking the road of eternity,
between the face of tomorrow
and the reflection of yesterday
and raising the hand to ask
the sunset in my eyes
about a lost rainbow
and seven moons..
were in the past, colours
it came and stared
then asked..
what's the matter with you?
what are your tears for?
it asked
i raised my eyes, disabled to see it,
what? i asked
tons of minutes passed
it looked,
it cried,
and then broke.

Benjamin Paa Willie 28 October 2011

You have wonderful imagination. I am impressed with the quality of your works

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Crimson Love 27 October 2011

This poem is phenomenal, you always can impress, with you captivating works, this is my favorite of yours so far. Truly beautiful.

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Raymond Uyok 27 October 2011

So picturesque and slightly abstract; keep painting!

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John Raubenheimer 27 October 2011

Thanks for writing to me Ahmed and thank you for your poem, which is filled with images from your compassionate imagination.

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Stefanie Fontker 27 October 2011

I love the title of this one. Fabulous work. Very serene and melancholy, with a taste of nostalgia. I feel this, I can taste it.

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Maria C. Pires Costa 18 December 2011

Very thoughtful, filled with a meaningful imagery evoking some sad stories in the past and wondering about the future... Thanks for sharing it. Good luck!

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Unwritten Soul 10 November 2011

Wow Ahmed this is wonderful job, actually i also writing same thing about the mirror in one of my new poem, and we print on same idea, but different pattern..Like colors we see and admire, they carry lot of meaning...coloring life, nature of emotion, light always calm the soul..and if souls attached, will tell which one is real which one is not..once the mirror broken the real will this write :) _Unwritten Soul

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Ahmed Khaled 29 October 2011

how could we taste life without light, how could we go deep while we still so tied to the beach, how could we fly with wings of wax and at last how could we be we when you are not you.......................................? ? ? ?

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Sally Plumb Plumb 28 October 2011

Did both the mirror and you break... I wonder... it is good to wonder.

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Jacqui Broad 28 October 2011

I wish I knew what you really mean. I can only repeat what others said, but this made me sad. It looked. It cried. It broke...

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