Chrysanthemum Poem by Lee Degnan


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'You know, Mom... you could write
a poem about chrysanthemums..
I like chrysanthemums.'

Not a single word
in the English language
rhymes with that word

but I think that
this was not my daughter's,
my little flower's, concern

that in her remarkably
perceptive mind, on the surface,
seemingly random, thinking

she's actually telling me
that I think too much,
and I should just stop to smell the...

well... the chrysanthemums, of course.

(Thank you, Lauren Marie-9/8/07-Ok, I realize now, thanks to my husband, that there are more than a FEW words that rhyme with 'chrysanthemum'... but they were just not very useful! !)


What an excellent (and rather touching) thought! t x

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 09 September 2007

Sounds like open-expression comes along with having a daughter named Lauren Marie....mine just turned 14 a few weeks ago...But she's 1/2 way to hollywood already! Very nice work here, young lady...You do Rock! Oh yes, and for what its worth...there is a rhyme, i am convinced for every word in Oxford.... I once brought a a bouquet of chrysanthemums At the entrance to the school's auditorium To present to my daughter, a poetic performer Who recited Longfellow on the podium.....

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Diane Violet 09 September 2007

Ah Lee I love this piece, cute and thoughtful! All the best, Diane

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Aurora Wells 09 September 2007

I just loved that kid sooooo much! ! ! Her mind just works in so many ways... very intelligent, very creative... please give her a huge kiss from me? Love ya, Moi

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Nikki Y 09 September 2007

well of course David would know......

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Ana Monnar 10 February 2008

Very clever write. You managed to crack a smile on my face.

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Jemarie Ragudo 27 November 2007

One thing I admire in you Lee is your ability to turn an ordinary subject into a splendid work of art. This one made me smile in remembrance. Perfect 10!

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David Harris 30 September 2007

Lee, I wouldn't worry too much about finding a word to rhyme. I find myself in the same predicament all the time. Having said that you didn't need it to rhyme in this lovely poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Blue angel Florida 22 September 2007

Great Momentum for 'Chrysanthemum'... I am wondering about his words :)

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Blue angel Florida 22 September 2007

That is so great that your Poem keeps growing in love, you trying to find a matching word for your daughter, her asking you to 'Smell' life, your husband helping you with additional words, and the family growing on and on, here at Poem Hunter too. I loved it, thanks!

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