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Rating: 5.0

The clock has just struck one.
Have you seen Cinderella tonight?
Was she ever real?

Lost in the mist
Of lies and deception,
Hidden in the shadows
Where she used to feel safe,
With the aid of a secret Godmother,
Her ghost tries to find the light.

And as the moon is chased by the sun
Magic is replaced by reality
And all again are plain
And ordinary
And lifeless.

Tomorrow night
Her withered spirit
Will try once more to find her prince.

She believes that dreams are
Our pathway to magic
And I am definite that
Fairy tales end only when
We allow them to.

Max Reif 21 October 2005

Yes, that ending's good. This poem says a lot, and it's from your heart. Indeed, the first stirrings of lived ideals are too tender for harsh sunlight, but they live nonetheless.

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Ivy, this is lovely. thanks for sharing.

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Sandra Fowler 02 September 2006

Very poignant write, Ivy. Your poems have a rare beauty.. Warm regards, Sandra

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Will Barber 13 May 2006

Amazing flow of energy and emotion here - drawing the reader along, asking 'How will this one come out, seeing it started so intriguingly? ' The ending didn't dissapoint, either, but finished with a fine poetic flourish of a message.

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Duncan Wyllie 13 February 2006

Thankyou Ivy. Always interesting and meaningful.Love Duncan

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Indiscreet Episode 11 November 2005

Wow! Great poem, Ivy.

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Uriah Hamilton 01 November 2005

I'm with Tiffany, great ending.

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