Cocktail Of Kalaeidoscope Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpuri

s.zaynab kamoonpuri

Port Hart corte (place of birth)

Cocktail Of Kalaeidoscope

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Cows milked: mitigated mooing in the meadows then
Weaving on the warp, some workaholic women

Harvest of hapless halibuts on hooks
Bookish book-worms buried in books

A palomino and a pony patter on the paving
Hucksters and hawkers hawking every housing.

Ravers out on the razzle raising a raucous razz-ma-tazz
Beavers busy building beaver-dams but about it quite blasé.

Doves cooing a divine chorus
Frogs frisking out of focus
Horoscopes are hocus pocus.

Tidal waves of tsunami treacherously tread
Sea-anemones scattered upon the sea-bed.

Geraniums genuflecting in jungle-like gardens
Hunters wary of wandering wild-life wardens.

All this when I ventured about videotaping
Nature's much nicer even with no landscaping

These are direly different scenes from different parts of the globe
Perhaps like a space probe's kaleidoscopic poetic probe

Mohammed Jafer 25 October 2013

fantastic. I like reading your poems. Very good.

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Lyn Paul 26 October 2013

What a great cocktail you have mixed.

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Noreen Carden 26 October 2013

Hello S.zaynub this is a wonderful poem full of life and colour well done enjoyed reading

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Matt Mooney 26 October 2013

Rich in its language and imagery. I enjoyed reading it.10.

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Ruth Walters 26 October 2013

I can imagine you reading this. I think you would jazz it up :) I liked.....Ravers out on the razzle raising a raucous razz-ma-tazz brilliant use of words to make your poem sing :)

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Yasmin Khan 19 December 2013

A unique poem, lively and sprightly :)

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Mehri Mehraban 02 November 2013

A great oral picture of Nature, life and glob. I admire your delicate style in poetry.

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Kevin Patrick 01 November 2013

A dazzling concoction with beautifully times words composed with delicacy of a songbirds voice. You give nature her voice. Fantastic

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Marvin Brato 01 November 2013

Excellent narration of life's scenes, exploring the essence of existence!

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Wahab Abdul 29 October 2013

wow! this is really wonderful, magic of alliteration, you executed excellently! 10

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s.zaynab kamoonpuri

Port Hart corte (place of birth)
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