Cosmic Fireflies Poem by Denis Mair

Cosmic Fireflies

Rating: 5.0

Sentient species are few and far between
They learn to broadcast their presence
Even while testing their planetary limits
They fuse atoms to make terrible weapons
Flashblooms flicker in the sweep of time
Lighting up here and there, intermittently
Missing the chance to encounter each other

Thursday, October 31, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: consciousness,ephemeral,lifespan,universe
(This image of cosmic fireflies was conceived by Michio Kaku)
Laurie Van Der Hart 04 November 2019

Part 2: I’m wondering if you’re referring to humans as being the only “sentient species” on earth? I understood that sentient means being alive and able to feel, which I guess is true of all creatures with a central nervous system.

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Denis Mair 04 November 2019

A species intelligent enough to discover electromagnetic waves will presumably expand until planetary conflicts arise. Thus technological development will presumably lead to splitting the atom and ultimately to self-destruction. According to this scenario, intelligence implies a growth imperative that tries to manipulate and dominate planetary resources.

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Laurie Van Der Hart 04 November 2019

Part 3: Did you perhaps mean to use one word that differentiates us from animals? I’m struggling to find one. Thought of “intelligent” - animals are too; “savant” with the idea of being conscious of being conscious, but it apparently refers to a type of autism. Not sure. By the way, I read this - “what makes our minds unique: language, foresight, mind reading, intelligence, culture, and morality.” Would you agree?

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Denis Mair 04 November 2019

Maybe " sapient species" would be more fitting than " sentient." I realize that all mammals and probably birds are sentient to some degree. I'm just following common usage in science fiction and popular science books, referring to intelligent life forms.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 04 November 2019

I think I should research cosmic fireflies to better grasp this great sublime poem in brevity. The title is very intellectually poetic and attractive to me. Those that fuse atoms to make terrible weapons ah very sad whoever they are. They should fuse atoms to make more telescopes instead. Kudos. Plz do review my newest poem too titled, ' smart phones and flashy cars....'

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Nosheen Irfan 15 November 2019

A great message here. Exploration is good but not at the cost of humanity. Together we can build a better world. The urge to conquer the far-off worlds might estrange us to what's within reach. Well penned.

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Hazel Durham 14 November 2019

A sad outcome of mankind to always look beyond the poverty, injustice, evil and cruelty. To want to conquer new territories when people are being destroyed as the war for power is forever. We have to create a better world before we destroy new planets. An outstanding write.

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Mahtab Bangalee 12 November 2019

I'm into me a secret mine, sentient treasure walking on me, a pavement of thinking maybe a knowledge or light I learn every atom of inside with insight sometimes imperceptibly I come out and behave outside as the light of power to prove and acquire the limitation of unlimited dream, compose a battle of biased argument or shed the cosmic ignorant blo0d!

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 November 2019

Fireflies! ! Life, Earth, mankind and other planets. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Hans Vr 08 November 2019

I love the message of this poem. This is how I felt reading it: Why do we spend so much money and energy to find out what happens to far away stars and celestial bodies. We really see only lights and darkness alternating, and interpret perhaps completely wrongly from our very limited conceptual framework of what it present on earth. Why we spend so much energy on fusing atoms, when our simple problems of not enough love and care among ourselves are not yet solved. Excellent poem, Denis.

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