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Couldn'T Care Less

Rating: 5.0

Couldn't care less if it's commercial;
If you think the hook's too much.
The song says love is no rehearsal:
words burn of take-me-and-touch.

'Hurts so good...' I want to quote the rest
but I might get sued...

He makes me lust after flannel
shirts with long sleeves rolled up.

Move right away to Indiana;
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R H 10 August 2006

Superb tribute Esther, a fine fusion of music and poetry belted out from your soul! Justine

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Brian Dorn 06 August 2006

Esther, great tribute... maybe you could write a poem about pink houses? He's one of my favorites... well done! ! Brian

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Duncan Wyllie 31 July 2006

Wow! if music be the song of poetry, play on Love duncan X

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Excellent. And funny and kind of sexy and strong. t x

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Austen Bradford 30 July 2006

Loved it! ! Very clever and Damn what a good song!

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Not a member No 4 04 February 2007

I think I've still got some of his stuff from the early 90s. Unrefined Springsteen/hard edged Steve Earl. And memories of when Heart were a real band too - Dreamboat Annie times. Loads of memories flood back thanks to this one and the free flowing pen of an unregenerate rockster! ! xx jim

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Lori Boulard 18 October 2006

I remember John Cougar, and belting out Jack&Diane (dribble off those Bobby Brooks' slacks and...) . Yes, indeed, hold onto sixteen as long as you can- changes comin' round real soon to make us women and men...Did you know it was David Bowie's idea to use 'Cougar'? A little trivia from another CA girl. Cheers!

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jack russell 12 September 2006

He must have been good...if you could see past his mullet! You must have only been 3 years old at the time :) and I bet you remember all the words too! Hugz Jack :)

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Alison Cassidy 13 August 2006

Your tribute is brimful of youthful passion, Esther. Ah.. these musical heroes of our growing up - 'Age does not weary them'. Thanks for sharing, Love, allie xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Electrical tributal, Esther...Full of punch & verve, just like MELLENCAMP. Fine Penning, young lady'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''fjr

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