Crazy Llove Poem by Tareq Jalabi

Crazy Llove

Rating: 4.5

I am holding a knife
By which to end my life
Driving it through my guts
You may consider me nuts
But i dare to swear
That i`ll be there
Meeting in paradise
Life would be fair
Following you to hell
Shows you how much i care
Please, end your life
I know we will survive
Use the same knife
So love can bring us alive

Katherine Ng Li Hoon 30 December 2008

Love is always crazy and insane but that is the woderful part of it.

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Hailie Workman 28 December 2008

i have felt this exact emotion when my boyfriend broke my heart and my friends made me realize that life is more valuable than love. so dont let your love get in the way of life. its great good job!

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anne adam 10 December 2008

i love it..! ! i love it..! ! u rock keep goin

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Miriam Maia Padua 02 December 2008

hmm....another romeo and write greatly but don't do what you feel in your poem lol.... its not paradise killing oneself in the name of love..... It's better to love and lost than to have not love at all... ...just don't be carried by crazy

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Monlano Kim 28 November 2008

OMG! I love it! It's awesome. So dangerous.

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Gina Layog 26 September 2010

you seek an end... to this insanity, to this cruelty.... both worlds collide.... you see no hope... but on the contrary.. hope and love are intwined

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Dwi Utami 05 September 2010

I see everything looks very good for crazy love you write this poetry like crazy love is true your poetry so nice for the first sequence. 10+

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Sherri Coulter 12 September 2009

I bleed easy, blue eyes, doesn't take much.............10+

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Kesav Easwaran 31 May 2009

'Following you to hell Shows you how much i care'... this expression constitues the soul of the poem, Blue Eyes...good piece...i liked...10

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Ana Guerrero 13 March 2009

Very beautiful it's just beautiful

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