Death And Man Poem by Tareq Jalabi

Death And Man

Rating: 4.6

we are living today
to die another day
what is the point of living
if your heart will decay
you are given time
of a night and a day
to roam the earth
and on it to stay
while death with a yellow smile
is looking for a way
to slaughter your soul
and take it away
while the day is getting less young
your soul is fading and ure becoming weaker
and while the night is aging
you become more terrified of the black seeker
don`t try to run don`t try to hide
wherever you look death is in that side
if you go to the moon or underground
somehow, be sure, you will be found
and when you are caught and cannot escape
you can only at him astonished gape

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 11 January 2009

Death is inevitable........but life is worthwhile.

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Little Morning Star 11 January 2009

death will come wherever and whenever.. death doesn't care about time or place.. great poem..

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yes so true.. I like this very serious and real Krista

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 09 January 2009

life and death is like brothers n sisters.Well penned Blue eyes.

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Brianna Trombley 09 January 2009

yes everyone is going to die and there is no escaping thats why you should live everyday to its fullest, another great poem tho....10

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Ro'ya Abdulaal 17 September 2009

'somehow, be sure, you will be found' wow, this is just amazing, I loved the idea, the words and the way you expressed yourself. Your tone is sad and heartbreaking yet very convincing; it's a poem every one can and should relate to. After all we can't 'escape' death but we can seiz the moment and be the children of 'today'. Great job from such a great poet

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Ejaz Khan 28 May 2009

A beautiful poem indeed, well penned, brooding is ever opening the doors of perception. Good luck!

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Melvina Germain 12 January 2009

Death, ahhh I now deep, dark and scary for many. For me, not scary at all, I see death in a different light, I see it as a beginning of a new life, an eternal life, leaving the testing grounds to go beyond and into a life of peace and freedom, a tranquil paradise. I see no fear in death only beauty of moving on. I was so blessed to be present at the death of my husband and what took place was so absolutely beautifu, if I had fear then all fear was removed then, and I thank God for showing me that peace. You wrote a very good poerm here, thankyou once again. (10)

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Talal Kassad 11 January 2009

This poem sounds musical and full of meaning. It is evocative because it points out something inevitable.

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samar Halabi 11 January 2009

I really had a really wonderful interest while I was reading your poem..... well simply it is very fantastic...... full of meanings and emotions..... great poem it is really worth reading..... telling about the fact that no one could ever run away from it.... taking you to better or worse second ever lasting life.... thanks for sharing and keep it up..... Diana

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