A Mother's Lament Poem by Dee Daffodil

A Mother's Lament

Rating: 4.7

No punching, no hitting
No biting, no spitting
No blabbering, no blubbering
No fibbing, no flubbering
No snitching, no telling
No crying, no yelling
No swiping, no snatching
No sneaking, no catching
No pushing, no shoving
Be nice, be loving! !

Just get along! ! !

Barry Van Allen 10 January 2007

Dee, As much as I enjoyed reading that, Why do I think that it didn't work?

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jack russell 18 January 2007

I'll drink to all that! If only... jack :)

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joey oo 18 January 2007

This rings a bell...(my father in law used to say that you shouldn't tell them not to do things - you should try and distract them. You try doing that 24/7! ! Used to annoy me so...) Joey

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Original Unknown Girl 22 January 2007

Love this Dee! ! Sounds like something my dad used to say! ! Or yell! ! H xx

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Not a member No 4 23 January 2007

A simple recipe for the good life. Punchy - can imagine the refereee in a boxing match makiing this declaration at the start. The last two lines would make it veryinteresting. Has that same relaxed easy to digest style as 10K. Very good writing. xx jim

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Laurie Hill 10 February 2009

Same the whole world over.

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Nathaniel Booker 05 September 2008

Very nurturing indeed. Nice Wiite Great Poem. Be Well

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Sathyanarayana M V S 04 September 2008

This is the way to tell this nicely, euphemistically..

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Mamta Agarwal 30 July 2008

oh, the joys of motherhood- always trying to do the right thing, does it ever end. how do you deal with teenagers? i surrender in defeat Mamta

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Dr.subhendu Kar 21 April 2008

it is all well and good................but onething i would just not allow you into no--no writting a poem...., i do enjoy the wording no, quite amusing thanks for sharing-

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