Crimson Tears Poem by Sathya Narayana

Crimson Tears

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Who killed whom?
How many died
our men; their men?
Crushed flesh and bones
knew no difference.
Spilled crimson tears
mourned sans bias.
Remnant pathos
filled the ambience
with quiet noise
and shrilling silence.

OH! Brothers versus brothers
in senseless violence
look at thoses spirits
of lost lives precious
fighting aimless battles
now in repentence.
Look at these scared beings
waiting in patience
for eternal peace.

Not by guns
not by malevalence
Use love and kindness
know God's oneness
and earn boundless happiness.

Crimson Tears
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: bones,death,tears
Aijaz Asif 08 December 2008

bhayya its a great write indeed...true so true, i believe each and every word of this poem and after reading this story a silent tear dropped inside...thanks for sharing 10+++++++ and A++++ rgds asif

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Gargi Saha 09 December 2008

A very powerful write! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Linda Moore 13 December 2008

Knowing God's Oneness, we can never understand the carnage of those who take life as if it were nothing. The questions will never have an answer, there is no reason good enough for the sins against God and Humanity......10

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Yaseen Anwer 13 December 2008

Matured Stroke by pen! !

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Linda Ori 13 December 2008

This is beautiful, Sathya. Something so complicated can be so simple when put into the proper perspective, as you have done here. It emphasizes the senselessness of war and the destruction of precious souls before they've had a chance to live and experience the joys of life. Without bias - we are all of the One, and each spirit deserves equal respect and love. A powerful piece. Linda

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Ananiya Alick Ponje 28 April 2011

Hey this is a marvelous piece

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Catrina Heart 24 February 2009

Not by guns Not by malevalence Use love and kindness Know God’s oneness YOU CAN ERASE BOUNDARIES And earn boundless happiness --- Fabulous stanza.......a poem written with zeal, a way to peace, of brotherhood to all of us.....10++++++++++++

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Raja Basu 07 February 2009

Nice and perceptive poem, Sathya. Reflects the necessity of mutual understanding and respect in today's malice torn world.

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John Walls 13 January 2009

Concise, terse, and filled with haunting imagery. You grab the reader's attention for sure. Well done. Just one point: should it not be noise verses noice? -John

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Bob Blackwell 26 December 2008

Sathya, this an excellent plea for peace and a recognition we are one. 10/10 Bob

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

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