Crispy Delight Poem by Vijay Sai R

Crispy Delight

Besan flour three cups
Rice flour one cup
Turmeric powder a few
Chilly powder very little
Sodium bicarbonate a pinch
Asafoetida for digestion
Common salt a sprinkle
Altogether binded with water
A smooth flowing batter
Banana pieces cut in vertical
And dipped in batter
Crisp fried in ground-nut oil
So tasty not to say
Colour and fragrance appealing so much
Feels like heaven in earth!

Bajji recipe courtesy - my mother.Dear readers, please browse through google search to know about the delicacy.
Sarojini Pattayat 13 January 2013

nice.Beautiful expression. Whether you have practical experience. Best wishes

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Amitava Mazumdar 11 January 2013

tasty but not crispy, carry on

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 09 January 2013

hm.. sound delicious nice poem, i like it

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Nader Baheri 06 January 2013

oh a recipe in a poem.i guess it must be so delicious. ~nb

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Neela Nath Das 05 January 2013

What a recipe! Great!

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Bri Edwards 05 June 2014

at your suggestion, i have reread this poem and found that i read and commented on it one year ago. but now i think i have figured out what you mean by So tasty not to say. i think i would write it is too tasty to describe or its taste is indescribable or the taste is out of this world! . i guess it is tasty. bri i liked this poem more than the last recipe/poem i read from you. this one seems to have better flow to it; it is more comfortable to read.

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Owain Glyn 14 June 2013

My saliva glands are working overtime!

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Bri Edwards 28 May 2013

i looked at the poem as requested and then at the comments (32 i think) and i discovered that i had left the sixth comment (see page 4 of comments) ! i feel the same way, though i will add that the poem was not disturbing like some i have read. at least i could understand it and the english was ok, perhaps with the exception of the following section which i did not understand: So tasty not to say i wonder what that means. if you are ever in california you are invited to stop by and make a batch of bajji for me and my wife. thanks for sharing. but call before you come to the front door please.

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Farah Ilyas 07 May 2013

ah what a foody poem...hmmmm...nice poem & recipe as well.....i think it increase my hunger: -(

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Ajay Srivastava 13 April 2013

have some good thought fry beatifully designed and presented get some meaningful energy use it for good cause and enjoy digestion.

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Vijay Sai R

Vijay Sai R

Trichy, South India
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