Cyber Love

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So there you are, in cyber love
a little surprise from above.
Another angel just stopped by
with a gift to take you on a high

A place to go with your laptop
so you can talk to your heart throb
It's good to be so very happy
even if he's just a make believe chappy

If he ignites your poetic soul
go for it now you're on a role.
And who knows if you will find,
in later days you're two of a kind ;)

Ency Bearis 12 September 2008

a lovely write on present events..todays cyber age..great poem... Ency Bearis

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 12 September 2008

Nice. Fresh. Current and updated insight in to today's way some are meeting to meet and express feelings. I enjoy reading this.

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Tom Balch 12 September 2008

You really are getting loved up of late Tia, great piece PB Tom

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Kris Smith 12 September 2008

Love in any form is a beautiful thing and who knows what the future holds for a tenderly written poem 10 Mr Savin x

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Howard Johnson 31 October 2008

I have to agree with Dee, IMO. It is nice to recognize that it happens more than people think, .Thank you for writing Tia, , ,

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Dee Daffodil 18 September 2008

Great poem Tia! ! ! I enjoy the light-hearted look at love on the internet! Hugs, Dee

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Lynda Robson 17 September 2008

I read a similar poem written by Andy Wilkinson but his was called Cyber Space, I think it's great how people make friends and fall in love sometimes through the internet, I enjoyed reading this thanks, Lynda xx

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Sarwar Chowdhury 14 September 2008

ammmmazing composition with fine ryhm/rythm............10

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 12 September 2008

I agree with tom here, really loved up...: -) Andy 10

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