Forgotten Lover Poem by Tareq Jalabi

Forgotten Lover

Rating: 4.6

You should recognize
that a lover here lies
he says he wasn`t killed
that`s the truth he denies
saying love didn`t kill me
to himself he lies
while covered with mud
like a river he cries
Eaten up inside his soul
as u went with other guys
said coughing all the dust
our love will never rise
after u sold your love
to the first who buys
i hope as u realize
that true love with me dies
you will memorize
that look on my eyes
when you cheated on me
and when no body cared
that me here lies

Arwen Lee CW 20 November 2008

When the love fades away and promises are broken Don't trap yourself in dismay and keep yourself from heaven What done is done, what gone is gone Wipe off the tears, time will heal your wound....

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 September 2008

Beautiful sad poem on love. Love and add 10.

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Cordell Rich 02 September 2008

I enjoyed this poem. I think a lot of people have been where this poem is from.

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Sage of Time 11 August 2008

so sad but lovely...awesome

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Pied Piper Berry 08 August 2008

Your poem flowed beautifully. It is very sad. Nice job.

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Ken E Hall 07 February 2010

Unique way to attack with words the situation you depict in your poem which has happened worldwide no doubt written with finess++++10

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Fatima Shahzad 26 May 2009

maann..awesum! ! ! >.....thts all i can..say! ! >.........i jus luvv ...

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Miral El Nahry 10 January 2009

That was amazing, and full of deep emotion.& by the way, you thought im studying english literature =], im still in prep stage @ skool. 10! !

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 30 December 2008

Beutifully written I enjoy readind it!

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Miriam Maia Padua 23 December 2008

full of emotions....i feel the pain....written from heart that's full of love inspite of the heartaches that love have caused...very touching...! 0+++

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