Dilip Kumar Died Today Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Dilip Kumar Died Today

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Dilip Kumar will be remembered as a cinematic legend.
He was blessed with unparalleled brilliance and talent,

due to which audiences across generations
were enthralled in fascination

his passing away is a loss to our cultural world, '
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in deep sadness
also offered his condolences to Kumar's family and admirers

the 'Tragedy King' title came from Kumar´s
numerous serious roles.
In several, his character died as a frustrated lover
and a drunkard.

He also was known as one of Bollywood's
earliest Method actors
for his expressive performances identifying
a character's emotions.

Whenever the history of Indian Cinema will be written,
it shall always be
'before Dilip Kumar, and after Dilip Kumar...'

It´s the end of an era, ' said filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar

we are all very very very sad

Dilip Kumar was born Muhammad Yusuf Khan, a Muslim, on Dec.11,1922. His Pathan family hailed from Peshawar, in what became Pakistan after Partition, and he visited his ancestral home in the late 1980s I had gone to Mumbai last time to visit him in his Mumbai home Dilip Kumar was not only a good human being but after all an entrhalling actor with unparalleled brilliance AD 07072021
Varsha M 07 July 2021

Deep condolence to the bereaved family. Bollywood bloomed with his elegant acting. His movies are evergreen. Thank-you ma'am for this. You met him. That is so nice.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 07 July 2021

I am very very very sad though..........

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 July 2021

A wonderful tribute to a legend. It expresses in detail the wonderful attributes of the late Dilip Kumar.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 July 2021

A well expressed and touching poem. Very informative too.

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Nabakishore Dash. 06 November 2021

Thank you very much for the words u used in this poem expressing your heartfelt condolence to Dillip kumar saheb.

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M Asim Nehal 09 July 2021

Star reached its galaxy. RIP.

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Lasaad Tayeb 08 July 2021

Heartfelt tribute...

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So happy to know that you visited him during your visit to Mumbai.

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A beautiful tribute to Dilip Kumar! Thank you Sylvia for this poem. Top stars

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