Dirty Game Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

Dirty Game

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Campaigns have begun,
All of a sudden they care a
Great deal about us...
Ha! ha!
Who's fooling who?

Just yesterday they were lambasting us,
Just because we questioned
The deployment of our soldiers to
Central African Republic.

We thought this is a
Democratically ruled country,
Where freedom of expression is allowed.

I say.....
It is a mickey mouse freedom.

Then the Gupta family aircraft
Landed at Waterkloof Airforce base
In Pretoria.....
Ha! Ha!

I shake my head in disbelief....
Tears run down my face....
Because this democracy they are toying with,
Millions died for it....
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned more than
Two decades.....

Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe died saying...
'Yizwe lethu i-Africa' (Africa is our country) .
He must be turning in his grave.
For he shed his blood for nothing.
Opportunists are enriching themselves only and
The poor getting even poorer.

Great leader fought for this democracy,
Bantubonke Biko, Charlotte Maxeke, Griffiths Mxenge, Margaret Mcambi,
Prixley kaSeme, Lillian Ngoyi, Albert Luthuli,
John Dube, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Clarence Makwetu,
Govan Mbeki, Oliver Thambo and many more.

Politic is a dirty game.
And maybe...
Just maybe...
For dirty people.

I wasn't sure I wanted to post this one, its sensitive even though its not a great poem..
Wahab Abdul 23 June 2013

very good bro, very light and very humorous seriousness inside.....

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Unwritten Soul 23 June 2013

Maybe i am not the great person who able to explain politic in good way..but i do hope for whoever fight for real and fight for people...never afraid of lose, because we do fight for true and even true is not for today it still win sooner...whenever you think you wanna join politic, dont use the dark side of it, use the advantage of it for everyone to be stronger, and as they are stronger you automatically will be higher and stronger with them as well...life of politician not based on lie, if it is then you will never last...if you based on truth, even you lose you will never lose, but always a winner and hero...forever and ever_Soul

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David Wood 26 June 2013

Politics is a dirty game. Murky and often based on untruths and financial corruption. This will always be the case. The good guys often trampled underfoot. A good poem.

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Valsa George 29 June 2013

Politics is a dirty game, no doubt, particularly in the modern times! It is the last refuge of the scoundrel as Shaw has said. He never must have thought that his thoughtless words would become so prophetical ! A great write... Siyabonga!

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The Moody Blue 30 June 2013

It is a good poem brother, , , , , , , , , , , Eye is the notebook of a poet, , , good one

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Captain Herbert Poetry 29 April 2014

A powerful voice within that expresses politics world. Great poem Please rate and comment on my poems Thank you very much

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 08 August 2013

yeah i'm agree, politics is a dirty games and you wtite it very well thanks for sharing and i invite you to read mine

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Lucifera Santez 26 July 2013

you portrayed a very real political system. politics everywhere is same. very real writing. loved the lines politics is a dirty game and maybe just maybe for dirty people. thanks for reading my poems, thanks again for comments :)

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Neela Nath Das 11 July 2013

A genuine voice I'm hearing thru this poem.Politics is the dirtiest game.Fabulous Siya_10+++ of course.

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Phiwe Mbatha 09 July 2013

Greed, dishonesty and self-enrichment drove this country into what it is today.

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