Distant Shore Poem by Valerie Dohren

Distant Shore

Rating: 5.0

O could it be that we have known
Such tender love before -
That we have loved each other so
Upon some distant shore.

Within the far and long lost past
Then maybe you were mine -
I held you in my gentle grasp,
Set in another time.

And could it be the Moon above
Has watched our warm embrace,
And seen us kiss so sweetly in
Some other far off place.

Beyond the boundaries of time,
Perchance our love did grow -
For now I love you, as I deem
I loved you long ago.

And thus when darkness steals our souls
I know our love won’t die,
For it will blossom in the dawn
That lights another sky.

Don’t weep my love, my sweetest love,
Forever we shall be
Two hearts united through all time,
Into eternity.

Valsa George 02 August 2013

This is such a remarkable poem Val! I just love it! ! In some previous birth.... On some distant shores.... some light years before.... you must have been lovers! Great imagination! !

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 02 August 2013

Two hearts united through eternity. That's what love is. Sweet poem.

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Diane Hine 03 August 2013

Impossible to compose a more harmonious poem!

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Juan Olivarez 07 August 2013

Beautiful work. I read it to Elvira. Absolutely beautiful

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Lorraine Colon 01 August 2013

Nothing as beautiful as a love poem {except love itself} - and you know how to write them. Wonderful poem, Val.

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Om Chawla 29 August 2013

Stunningly beautiful, lyrical.

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Yasmin Khan 15 August 2013

Love is eternal and immortal as human soul as God Himself is. A lovely write.

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Mary Forrester 13 August 2013

Beautiful poem Valerie, emotional.

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Ramesh Rai 12 August 2013

a beautiful write on immortal love. a perfect poem with emotion n heart write. we are writing so many poems out of all very few are such which can be considered as complete poem. so many times we pour so many unidentified words which deface the poem. in your poem i m obzerving selection of word is marginal expressed as if you took the help of your heart bcoz heart is never mischievous.

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Kelvin Owusu 09 August 2013

a beautiful poem very touching

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