Do Not Need Me, Please! ! ! ! ....[short; Personal; Aging; Dependence; Independence] Poem by Bri Edwards

Do Not Need Me, Please! ! ! ! ....[short; Personal; Aging; Dependence; Independence]

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It's nice to be wanted, at times, but please don't NEED me!
You may 'wine and dine' me, BUT don't ever PLEAD with me...
to be your friend, mentor, roommate, or spouse; DON'T grovel *!
I'll choose who I'll choose, and WHERE, be it in a palace or hovel *! !

NOW, at my age, entering Life's 'Twilight', DON'T NEED ME!
And I wish to not NEED others, e.g. to bathe or FEED me.
I've no wish to live....just for living's sake. Give me a break *! ! !
If I feel it's time for me to do so, an 'exit' I may then take.

* (definitions) :

grovel (verb) :
'To lie or creep in a prostrate position,
as in subservience or humility.'

palace (noun) :
'A large or splendid residence.'

'give me a break' (idiom) :
I use this to indicate my wish to NOT be prodded
to live longer than I wish to live.

(March 20th,2023)

Monday, March 20, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: human life,death,choice,personality,freedom,wishing
Am I kidding myself? ? ? Will I ever have the choice to live in a 'palace'? I wouldn't want to anyway. For many humans, the longer we live, the less likely it is that we will be able to retain our ability to control our bodies and 'other circumstances'. But now I've said what I felt like saying. bri ;) aka brian edward whitaker d.o.b. June 28th,1948, ...or so I've been told. ;))))
Richard Wlodarski 21 March 2023

Morbid humour is sometimes difficult to fully comprehend. Is the poet being funny? Or is he being serious. If the poet is known for his humour, the task becomes that much more challenging!

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Bri Edwards 21 March 2023

I am being SERIOUS, if you can believe that, REALLY. Thanks for the query/question. ;) bri And WHAT IS 'morbid humor'? Most any kind of humor is ok with me, but I'm not trying to be funny.

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Bri Edwards 25 May 2023

serious, seriously. But don't let that stop you from laughing. : ) bri

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This poem is now ranked #37 in the List of Best Poems Of Members featuring on PoemHunter. It is my privilege to congratulate Bri, though he says, he doesn't bother about such rankings…

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Tihama Hykam 25 March 2023

What is this? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Bri Edwards 29 March 2023


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Nabakishore Dash 22 March 2023

You may wine dine------palace or hovel'.Great statement of personal independence.

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Richard Wlodarski 21 March 2023

2) Bri, in your notes, did you mean to say 'unlikely', instead of, 'likely'? I'm not being sarcastic.

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Bri Edwards 23 March 2023

GOOD CATCH, Richard! ! ! I should have typed 'less likely it is that we will be able to retain'.... I had better edit the notes. bri : ) Thanks. bri ;)

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Richard Wlodarski 21 March 2023

Bri, sincere THX for the clarification. That's very important. Otherwise, the readers may be laughing at something that's not meant to be funny. I've had that happen to me. It leaves one with an unsettling feeling.

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