Earth Music Poem by Daniel Brick

Earth Music

Rating: 4.8

A lone wolf howls
into the night.
Five wolves hear his cry
and venture across the dark ground.

Theirs is a concert of
alternating howls. A man
alone listens. He knows
this earth music. Always

he is attentive to it.
He is patient as their
howls crisscross distances.
Even in his sleep, he is awake,

counting the measures
of the animal noise,
turning it into the concerto
that makes all flesh on earth one spirit.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: natural
Northern Minnesota is wolf country and has been for centuries. The wolf is the primary predator of that landscape. As long as wolves hunt deer and other wild game everything is hunky-dory. But when wolves sense a chicken coop with its abundant meat that involves no hunting, they lunge. And farmers go ballistic and want the Department of Natural Resources to protect their investment by hunting down the wolves. Who's right in this controversy? One thing is certain: the wolves aren't wrong, this was their habitat first. In the Twin Cities of the south, we don't have a big population of wolves, we tend to support the wolf and that creates real conflict with our fellow Minnesotans of the northern half of the state. My poem does not address this controversy but it derives from it. Instead I give expression to the presence of wilderness as a necessary element in our existence. My solitary human being is physically and spiritually connected to the wolves. That's his choice, that's his moral imperative. I admire him. That's why he shares this poem with the six wolves.
Daniel Y. 09 April 2014

A lovely contemplation of nature, the wolves are a special imagery for the human consciousness, because they are simultaneously a symbol of society and barbarism. Your use of the word concerto makes me want to ask you to read my poem, Concerto. Though it has little to do with this poem.

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Valerie Dohren 10 April 2014

Very descriptive and atmospheric - the title is truly inspired.

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Noreen Carden 14 April 2014

Great description you can almost see the wolves with their heads raised howling and coming together to find strength in the pack.Beautifully written Daniel. Hopefully man will learn to appreciate all gods creatures and realize that animals only kill to eat unlike humans who kill for many other reasons.

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Sana Ghostana 02 May 2014

Once more I felt as if I was experiencing your poetry. not so much as a painting in a museum but more toward being in a cabin and hearing the wolves' howls in the forest with the man, quietly listening against a dim, moon lit landscape. I loved it!

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Hazel Durham 16 October 2014

Wolves wild and free in their own habitat, this poem is hauntingly beautiful with the essence of the wolves with their unique howling that sounds so primitive bringing back the past of our forebears who blended into this landscape with all it's hardships! !

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Glen Kappy 12 August 2017

hi, daniel! i'm reading earlier postings of yours and read this one again. for another take on night sounds, you might check out my little poem, awake at 3 a.m. glen

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Glen Kappy 03 June 2017

I picked this poem because of its title, Daniel. I have many poems that speak to being attuned to the natural world- too many to try and think of or list. I'm convinced that to be separated from it lessens our health and sanity. For an opposite take on canine sound, do you know Billy Collins' poem with a title like Why I Don't Keep a Gun in the House? Glen

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Sophy Chen 09 December 2015

This poem just likes a film at begining and so vividly described and just like we are watching a short film now and it can be made into a short poetic drama i think. Sophy

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Simone Inez Harriman 05 November 2015

I have always pictured wolves with the word 'wilderness'. Your poem has the wilderness in the ink with the stamp of a wolfs print. Superb write.

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Liza Sudina 12 October 2015

LONG life to wolves! Protect them! remember Buddhist wisdom! My favorite polititian has a father's name Wolf and likes to imitate their howling! you are a musician if you count measures of all nature noises!

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