Ecstasy Of Sorrow Poem by kanav justa

Ecstasy Of Sorrow

Rating: 4.8

If I were an endless ocean, I would drown myself in me
Or If a sun, I would burn like a dream and then cease to be
If I were a blighted leaf, parted from a sickly tree
I would bury myself beneath the turf, lay there for eternity
But since I am only human, no leaf or sun or sea
Oh my love I willingly choose to be in love with thee

Sunday, September 30, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
* Sunprincess * 21 April 2023

Superb, I love it : )

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Unwritten Soul 10 November 2018

Wow, such a sweet n poetic lil poem, it can make one smile n cherish the day. The ecstacy of sorrow sometimes has sweeter bite than a bland happiness :)

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Hazel Durham 30 September 2018

Outstanding write with such brilliant expression, it is going on my favourite poem list! I wonder if you have any spare time could you please read and comment on my new poem....A Standing Ovation...

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Ruby Mostazir 30 September 2018

Such a Wonderful poem.....touched my heart :)

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Bernard F. Asuncion 30 September 2018

Kanav, such a lovely poem👍👍👍

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