Empty Wholeness Poem by Crimson Love

Empty Wholeness

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In the blood of the empty, I do seek a wholeness,
A self worth, that my meager Crimson cannot fill,
A hole within my chest,
where the organ of love should reside,
Instead resides an organ of no such thing,
Incessant blackness encases the wound,
With a shadow of disgust,
It dost beckon the blood of the whole,
Filling the empty shadow of my heart.

Eric Cockrell 09 November 2011

the search for wholeness brings about wholeness, in slow painful seasons turning...time will be your friend! good poem!

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Dave Walker 09 November 2011

A great poem. Really like it. A good write about not loving, or been scared to love. Take a look at my poem called, let me love somebody, Its my take on having an empty heart.

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Ebi Robert 10 November 2011

what is there to say when a poem carries more than it takes to read.

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Felix John 10 November 2011

A well written poem.good choice of words and clearly brought out meaning.keep it up.

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Shamba Kaunda 09 November 2011

wow thinking beyond yo age nice poem i rily love this...well done

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Stefanie Fontker 09 November 2011

I love the title of this one, interesting oxymoron. Beautiful content behind an amazing title. Great work.

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Jacqui Broad 09 November 2011

Lovely poem, lovely comments, as well... I saw a picture of seeking the one to fill the hole caused by heartache. Someone to bring peacefulness and wholesomeness. Then again, it might mean something totally different. Eitherway, it is a great poem!

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