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Fairytale - Poem by Ruthy Fernandez

Did I have it? Is this a portal to a realm of bliss, where fairy dust and olive branches exist. Do I have it because it couldn’t be reality, the colors are to vibrant for reality of the human eye. The distance to it seems to extend a mile everyday. The road gets longer and the yellow bricks turn a bit more grey with each passing day. I can’t have just the memory of you. Please don’t fade away, because I can’t stand all this grey.
The loneliness is hallowing my soul, not even the echoes of human voices can fill the void. My existence cannot proceed on this once yellow brick path that leads to nowhere. Was it love or just a little girls’ fantasy that opened this portal which she created in her mind. Was it real or just a taste of what a young woman wanted from her then existing visions of her younger self. Was the most high hinting to a lost soul of love that it could exist, or was it him playing his turn at chess and happened to spurt out “check! ” to see if I could loose my mate.
Is this love? What have I done to have such good fortune fall upon such undeserving shoulders, or is it all a witch’s curse to pull out all the fire and dragons for my prince to appear but instead accepting a rook in his place. I have become my own prison with the memories of my once vivid bliss, of love and kisses and soft tenderness. Now I have it taunting my every breath. This was the mad hatter’s scheme or plot to madden me, love does not exist, it is all just a fallacy.
So if LOVE could not have existed, it must have been lust! Lust was more of the action, or burning that had shared. You have opened a gateway which turned the flood of liquids only a prince could have unlocked. The dam was overflowing with each touch from you. So strong that is knocked down all the trees in the thousand-acre forest, along with Pooh and all the silly toys that I once knew, who faked being frogs that would turn into my prince.
Is this lust? Or is it the fairytale witches that are jealous enough to attack the fairies. So they can win the battle to stop the rain that helped the flood overflow for the prince. They can’t stand to see happiness in this portal of bliss. BUT I cannot bare to be dry again.
Love? ... or is I just a wonderful dream that I once had with a handsome prince in a magical land. Well I misplaced my prince on my journey home.
Love or lust? This must be the visions that I had as a child, of this imaginary place that only could be in my head or in my heart, where I was the princess and you were the prince. You were that frog whom jumped onto my lap. Once you were kissed, then disappeared like a smooth cloud of mist. Not realizing you had gone questions if you were ever there. Was it really love or an elaborate illusion in its place to satisfy my childhood, or make believe prince, who fought the dragons and helped the fairies battle the witches to save our love. For he would rather die trying then to be without it..

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 12, 2010

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