Michael Shepherd Love Poems

Love Love Love

Oh it's so easy to say -

'Give what you think you lack -
You feel unloved? Then give love, and love, and love...'...

! Baby Love, Maybe Love

so there you are in
your pram or kiddikarria
nicely tucked up,
being talked to in that

! ! Love's Grammar Book

I love you.

That's it, really.
all there is to say.

! Love's Young...

They were young lovers, and seated at the table in the window;
where in Paris they'd be watching
the passers-by watching them...
but no.

! Love And Friendship

Loneliness, anxiety, and despair,
isolation, sorrow, bitterness -
these the cruel concerns, observers note,
that press upon our current consciousness.

! Love And Poetry; Poetry And Love

and right now, I’m spending most of my time
on the two matters of which I seem to know the least –
love; and poetry.

! Love's Pledge - From Mechthild Of Magdeburg

Two lovers in an inner room withdrawn,
and speaking much of love, as one to one;
and yet their speech so ardent in its truth,
not sound but rather silence seems to reign.

! Tolstoy On Love

Love is life. Life is love.
Everything I understand,
I understand only because
I love.

! Ultimate Teenage Love Poem

**** YOU!
you've wrecked my supposed self-esteem

maybe when I'm older i'll know what self-esteem is

! Love's Perfection

Oh I am so fortunate.
In the past and in the present.

We fell in love, and loved

Valedictory On A Failed Love-Affair

No sorrow

Keep grief

! Who Can Weigh Love?

Light. Lightness. Light-heartedness.
Who can measure their measureless weight?

On the kitchen scales, we balance

A Philosopher's Love Poem

putting on one side
the inconvenient paradox
that I always seem to be
boring old me and yet

! The Ultimate Teenage Love Poem

How dare you dump me just like that...?
before I'd even considered dumping you...
if I'd know you were the dumping kind
i'd've dumped you first.

! The Poems I Love

There are poems that I envy,
poems that I admire and respect,
poems that simply sing to me,
poems that I puzzle over…

! Anna - The Story Of A Love

The Indians say
that the eater is the eaten.

We caught each other's eye

0151 Donald Rumsfeldt's Guide To Love

As we know
(or like to think we do)

There are known knowns

! Massive Love Poem

I want everyone to know


0092 The Signs Of Love

What are the inward signs of truest love,
beyond the smile, the kiss, the touch of hand,
that joins our actions to the heaven above;
that constant love which shall for ever stand?

Love Me... Who?

Small-town romantics
once might live in fear:
demon lovers, married,
or didn't live near...

0172 Love's Nosegay

Celandine, saxifrage,
buttercup, needle whin,
tormentil, vetchling,
agrimony, cinquefoil,

0175 Love's Butterfly

As butterflies with beauty grace the air,
so love cannot be lazy in its love;
true love brings lovely energies to bear;
love's actions grace the true contemplative.

! Wisely Love The Wise

The wise love wisely.

It’s said, that when the truly wise
surface from their sleep,

0008 A Love Poem In A New Old Language

Wilfrid Chin Sue says that poetry
is about ‘about’, and thank you Wilf
for that, and thanks too from us poets all
to e.e.cummings for reminding us

0081 The Metaphysical Path Of Love

Of God Himself can no man truly think;
Creator He, beyond all human thought;
yet questing intellect oft scans the brink
of what of Him may yet, in truth, be sought;

Loss can be good for us,
researchers say (Nolen-Hoeksema
and Davis,2002) – it’s called
Post-Traumatic Growth…

Freshen Up Your Love Poems

i wanted to write you a real blaster
so i looked in 'Writers' Weekly'
and sent off for 'Freshen Up Your Love Poems'

0170 Love

Hopes die;
dreams fall;
and, subtlest stroke of all,
love sharply, cruelly, hides her face,

Saint Valentine Defines Tough Love

When those you most love
that's the time to speak in praise of love
(said Saint Valentine) .

! Love's Light: The Philosopher At The Window

The eyes, it's said, are windows of the soul;
and when I see your eyes so sparkling bright,
I see there beauty, truth and goodness; all
as one; the radiance of an inner light.

! ! Premadarshana, Or, A Short Course In Love

To be is to love.
To love is to be.

Roll these life sentences

0226 Self-Hate, Self-Love

When did you cease to love, then hate, yourself?
What terrible event? How long ago?
What slight misunderstanding, view of self,
that led to fading love, then bitter hate?

Metaphysical Weblink Love Poem

How can I COMPUTE love’s DATABASE?
Thus WATCH as saintly love, God IN THE END,
INCHes its way into immortal life’s ASSURANCE
in the seeming OYSTER of my heart?

! And Meanwhile Love

Waking in the dream-tossed night, I knew you harmed
a thousand miles away in suffering’s dark storm;

so only love

! ! Love As Self: Self As Love

We do not have to seek for love
nor fear it ever go:
but simply, rest within ourself;
then, love perforce must flow:

! ! Consumed By Love

Thanks to the hundreds of you who daily
are so eager to enhance my life
and that of my partner
with pills and extensions

0137 Afternoon Love At The Lawyer's Chambers

Enter Not, Love - For Eh

Plato would have favoured
That internet dating site -
All ideal and Platonic
('til that risky meeting night...)

! Saint Valentine On Tough Love

When those you most love
that's the time to speak in praise of love
(said Saint Valentine) .

! Love You

Dearest T…,
Great to hear from you!
I’m glad the hospital didn’t confiscate
your mobile and your laptop

0343 Love Poem

Because I love you so,

sometimes it's loving someone;
sometimes it's loving anyone;

0006 'Love Is Knowledge'

When first I saw you, I saw but your face;
and felt for you, no more nor less
than others of the human race;
you were as other; that I must confess;

0429 Who Doesn'T Love Greatness?

It's one of the world's
greatest secrets
that shoudn't be:

0242 The Poet's Secret Love

even before

you write

0004 Love And Law; Law And Love

Law of love? Sounds good… so, tell me more…
Love of law? mmm…maybe…not so sure…

You can disregard the ancients –

! ! Barely Rhymed Sonnet: Love And Law

The universe, a single act of love,
it’s said; and ever so, then, must remain;
is never other; has no place for hate,
save in the minds and hearts of less than men..

! Love Said.. A Paraphrase Of A Study Group On Love

Love said,
I made you

Your body was conceived in love.

0004 Love Lyric: When Everything Is Said...

When everything is said, my love,
there’s only love to say;
and though love’s word can not be said,
and love will live when we are dead,

! Love And Understanding

Who today would praise
consciousness itself,
which brings new life and thought
every morning, opening

! ! Hope And Light, And Love

You – whose inner strength, I always think
to be the greater than my fluctuating own –
ask, only half humorously, as
business, family support, collapses all around,

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