Family Meeting, A Real Event, Last Chance { Please Read Carefully) Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Family Meeting, A Real Event, Last Chance { Please Read Carefully)

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Two days ago we had a family meeting
But for me it was a giant hitting

We went about miles to my grand pa house
While the sound of the whole family cracks like a satanic voice

To meet the family, to see grandmother and grand pa
To see all the family members, and get know with the new laws

They pass the countries over the world
When we reach the house, it was the storm of words

My cousins from Germany
That I have missed them so many

But the condition wasn't the same
As they all started to blame

It goes worse when they ask about the guests
That suddenly my uncle burst: you weren't the best

I replied: you pass the way from Canada to say this?
He said: Ellias look around and see what you miss

And my aunt went thorough me good
And she was in a nice mood
She asked about the guest
I said: you know, they should take a rest

She replied: you mean they are busy and something like that?
I smiled and changed the subject: oh aunt, you got a nice a hat

After greeting to all I reached the grandfather
And In the kitchen I said hi to my grand mother

She told me: you have turned so cute
And then I smiled while I was going to be mute

My grand ma got the story and she said it's all about the guest?
I said with pain: I let the family down, I fail in its test

And among this mess in my mind
A person comes and presses the bell Mr. Kiyani, The kind

He is a nice person, once I met him in the north
With his nice smile on the mouth

All the family members love him so much
He brought me a gift from Tokyo, a beautiful watch

Then he entered the feast, went through my grand pa with shining eyes
A noble honest man, he was so wise

After minutes he came back,
You know, he could speak like a sharp tack

Mr. Kiyani smiled, then he said chances still are,
Wow, he stops a family war

So, dears, I am asking for help, as I did it for a year,
But guest, where are you dears?

This month called Ramadan
The month of God, the unique one

This month is God's feast
And the month of Justice's fist

So, you are all selected by God
If I could, I will shout it loud

Look at this work as an invitation
That is for all the people and nations

You are invited for a trip here,
I am waiting for you answers dears.


Dear poets, this poem is the third one of the inviting poems of our family. a holy feast that i have tried hard for it for a year for this month. please don't let us down.
(all the names of this poem and events are true.)
Ellias family.
with best wishes.
Poetheart Morgan 21 July 2013

You left me in doubt! ! If it's a family reunion or religiosity about! ! I think the two intentions, compose very well your poem.

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David Wood 21 July 2013

Its a nice poem about the family get together.

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Heather Wilkins 21 July 2013

a good write about your family reunion.

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Heather Wilkins 21 July 2013

a good read about your family reunion

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Terry O'leary 09 August 2013

Ah yes... the intricacies of family... nice poem, Ellias... Terry

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Hazel Durham 24 July 2013

An interesting and nice wite about the complex nature of families specially when you all meet up! ! Thanks for sharing!

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Bri Edwards 22 July 2013

READ UNWRITTEN SOUL'S COMMENT BELOW! ellias, it is difficult to be a teenager, or ANY age, and have family members disagree with you or find fault with you. since i have not lived as an iranian, nor have i known your family, i can not know how much pressure is on you or how much pressure you can take. maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself. the poem almost makes ME feel uncomfortable and i'm not even there! thank goodness, i think, for mr. kiyani. but maybe it would just be better if he did not suggest prolonging your deadline to find a guest or guests to visit. it all seems a bit unnecessary to me.............but i am not in your situation, nor would i want to be. good luck, but try not to BEG. some people think begging is unbecoming. i don't mind begging as long as the begger is reasonable and doesn't get nasty if he/she does not get what she/he wants. as for the structure, grammar, spelling, etc. of the poem..........i'll send you a message about it. thanks for sharing. bri p.s. i am satisfied to walk a hundred yards to visit my neighbors chuck and karen. and READ the comment below by Unwritten Soul.

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Nader Baheri 22 July 2013

this is a very supreme poem.i believe in your talent and the humanity inside you and i am certain that one day you are going to propagandize the rich culture of our country. we are all the member of a family.a poem hunter family. ~nb

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Unwritten Soul 22 July 2013

Let me clear things here...Ellias was having a family meeting actually and they met in their Holy month..and he previously asked by his family about the guest(s) from other countries that he should invite. This is his family tradition to introduce his culture and country to other people in the world, and previously his family ask him to invite his dearly friend to have a good time. I never meet Ellias but i know what and who is good, i trust him as a great person..i hope there will be a good news for him about it sooner..anybody wants to try their rich culture...a great ancient historical city, if i have enough time i would love to be having great time indulge the Persia moment..Just free to ask if you want to try, his family is very nice, trust me! ! ..and Ellie..reading your work always amazing, with you nice structure and flow..lovely! Be happy my lil sweety_SOul

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Ellias Anderson Jr.

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