Five Dangerous Vices Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Five Dangerous Vices

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Dear sweet children! do you know?
Your old enmy is a demon
Who is embodiment of five vices
Lust, wrath, greed, attachment and violence.

You have to fight against these
This is a dangerous war you know
You have to adopt more yoga
Then you will be able to conquer.

The main violence is lust
This makes you impure soon
And this causes sorrow and pain
Lust deceives everyone every ages.

You are the incognito armies
To fight against the war of vices
Have yoga to supreme father
The substle and ocean of knowledge.

Remove your attachment from old skin
Don't have connection with old world
Sit on the pyre of knowledge
Be pure and true server of humanity.

Saturday, September 30, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: advice,attachment,greed,lust,spirituality,violence
Gajanan Mishra 30 September 2017

pure and true server of humanity, good one sir.

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Muzahidul Reza 30 September 2017

Lust, wrath, greed, attachment and violence. these ones are really Dangerous Vices, thank you for sharing the poem with us

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Chris Embrick 30 September 2017

The only way to overcome this demon is to get close to the Heavenly Father. Man apart from God listens to this demon and follows his evil ways. Thank you poet friend.

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Rini Shibu 30 September 2017

Stay away from vices, be close to God.. Nicely written

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Jazib Kamalvi 30 September 2017

It reminds me of the seven deadly sins. Thank you very much, Mahakul sir.

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Indira Renganathan 03 October 2017

A cautionary, advisory poem....concernedly written poem...thanks for sharing Kumar

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Akhtar Jawad 02 October 2017

Lust, wrath, greed, attachment and violence has so much damaged the humanity that it's now almost irrepairable. A great poem with a great message.

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Sochukwu Ivye 01 October 2017

Well captured/addressed. But then, it's so sad we live in a time where these vices are portrayed as virtues. Elegant admonition, good poet.

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Unwritten Soul 01 October 2017

A great advice to all people about common threats in life, the ones that may collapse our life and faith. You always say good for humanity...that is a great thing to do :)

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Valsa George 01 October 2017

If we allow these vices to take hold of us, we are sure to be doomed! We cannot drive them easily. We have to wage a constant war! We also need God's grace! Nice warning!

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