Flags Or Rags? Poem by Omar Ali Sabar

Flags Or Rags?

Rating: 4.7

Standing in abyss with two rags to my wrists
No scores settled with empty clenched fists
In this battle between 'the sense' and 'the rage'
The crescent and star and the colourful cage

I've travelled through valleys so empty and green
I've tasted the dust from the wind swirling plains
Through the drunken towns where morality weeps
To sleepy villages where normailty sleeps

In paper of one and of the other a colour
The Clink of Big Brother to the land of my Mother
The hazed orange ceiling to the clear open skies
I sit and wonder where my heart really lies

I've broken many walls in renegadal pursuits
But the decaying lies within the roots
Hence no vigour in these twisted up-shoots
A scorn strucken tree without any fruits

I'll scavenge through wastelands of shattered dreams
To find the road middling between these extremes
I'll kindle a fire to these disparate regimes
Dry out the bitterness of patriotic streams

Seeing the world through the loops of these chains
Nothing is clear but the brutal remains
A dreamboat caught between sporadic waves
No shoreline horizons to embrace

I'll loosen these rags as the fire craves for fuel
Dwindling by the ill wind so cruel
Should I watch it dwindle and search for the knotted rope?
Or should I let it rekindle - for a chance of New Hope

Ahmad Shiddiqi 02 September 2008

fantastic! I like the last words, Or should I let it rekindle - for a chance of New Hope. keep writing, brother! Allahu Akbar! ! !

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Joseph Poewhit 01 September 2008

Poem has a lot of ideas of many dreams

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Masireh Sanyang 01 September 2008

the word you use perfectly describes the image you painting. beautiful poem

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Susan Jarvis 31 August 2008

Emotive and expressive - an accomplished, heartfelt piece of poetry with some potent imagery. S :)

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LOVEFOOL Aka 31 August 2008

Wonderful deep stirring work, A joy to read Nik

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Dr.Wardha Jawdat 22 June 2009

spell binding! ! ! ! ! ..i cant say any more! ! ! !

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Mary Rich 21 May 2009

WOW! ! ! 10+....very well written heart felt....GREAT JOB.! ! ! ! sometimes hope is the only thing left....hang on to it for dear life.....your worth it....! ! !

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Ivor Hogg 19 December 2008

Always hope overcomes despair Torn between loyalties remain trie to yourself and all will be well

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Jen Shearer 11 December 2008

I like this poem alot, because it tells a very emotional and expressive storey

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Aijaz Asif 10 December 2008

a marvelloys write Omar, believe in what you believe is right and then you definitely will find the right path....im speachless with what youe have wrote and i'll love to put it in my collection of rubies and gold...thanks 10++++++++ and A+++ rgds asif

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Omar Ali Sabar

Omar Ali Sabar

Bellshill, Scotland
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