Fond Paradoxes! Poem by Shahzia Batool

Fond Paradoxes!

Rating: 4.3

Night is like Day
always on the cycle
over-bearing on its turn;

Truth is like Fiction
gazes us into the eyes
shocks us unexpectedly;

Sleep is like Vigils
in joys, fears, pressures
you can't go into oblivion;

Reality is like Myth
stirring, amazing, incredible
for its twists and turns;

Love is like Hatred
one gets obsessed
with its ruling fever;

A Pious man is like Satan
if keeps his goodness inside
and does not spread it;

Pain is like Pleasure
weaving fabric of life
in equal motifs;

Age is like Youth
demanding though dependent
but having a rule of its own;

Life is like Death
if spent like evil
harming others around!

Ramesh Rai 20 August 2013

an unique write expressing opposite meaning of each work. wonderful write. loved it

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Yasmin Khan 20 August 2013

It is an exquisite write smeared in wisdom and philosophy of life and woven into a beautiful motif of paradoxes. Well-done 10/10

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Heather Wilkins 19 August 2013

excellent work Shahzia life is like death if spent like evil harming others around

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Geetha Jayakumar 18 August 2013

Wow...wonderful write from you..loved it.

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Farah Ilyas 18 August 2013

its like aww..what a strong projection in just few lines...kudos Ma'am

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 26 August 2013

A wonderful poem indeed. Paradoxically, nothing means something or sometimes everything...: -)

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Valerie Dohren 25 August 2013

Thought-provoking - opposites are two sides of one coin.

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Diane Hine 24 August 2013

Interesting connections give readers lots to think about. Fourth stanza is the best. Good poem.

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Yasmin Khan 21 August 2013

It's an exquisite poem Shahzia with many deep and beautiful expressions: ''Life is like death....age is like youth', good very good!

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David Wood 21 August 2013

Lovely poem that I enjoyed reading Shahzia

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