For Little Vyomi Poem by Bharati Nayak

For Little Vyomi

Rating: 4.4

Your innocent eyes
Soft rosy lips
Your pink skin
Even your baby- cries
Make me forget
That I am an alien
In this foreign land
Though beautiful
Somewhere there is
Which I try to fill
When I lift you
Into my arms
Hi Vyomi
I feel only
A bundle of happiness
Just so beautiful!

Saturday, December 3, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: foreigner,baby
Written on 19th October 2022 at San Fransisco
Sylvia Frances Chan 11 December 2022

CONGRATULATIONS being chosen as number 40 as The Best Member Poem by Member Poets. To My Favourites.5 Stars TOP Score

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Sylvia Frances Chan 18 December 2022

Dear Bharati, this beautiful poem is today (18 Dec 2022) on rank number 21 of Best Poems by Member Poets, CONGRATS once again, such a loveliest worded powem

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Bri Edwards 04 December 2022

WELCOME to the USA! But I suggest using 'when I lift you INTO my ARMS' Hi, Vyomi. ;)

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I would prefer, "When you lift IN my arms." I think this is the correct usage in British English, though I am not an authority in it. Bri could be asking you to follow American English.

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Bri Edwards 04 December 2022

Nice, Bharati. Yes, a baby CAN bring happiness, especially to a new parent/grandparent. But just wait and see how you feel after 485 diaper changes in 90 days, especially if YOU have to wash the diapers! 4 stars. bri ;)

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Congratulations, Bharati! This beautiful poem is ranked #16 among the The Best Members Poems today. It deserves to be No. One.

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Keilani Poetry 04 January 2023

May precious Vyomi have a blessed life.

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Bri Edwards 04 January 2023

'Make me forget That I am an alien In this foreign land'......I believe Bharati is writing about lifting an infant relative while she visits her son in California in the USA. Bharati would be an 'alien' here. ;) bri

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Dear poetess, you have clearly expressed the genuine and immaculate feeling of a grandparent. The usage of hollowness is a golden feather.

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Hi Bharati, this poem is ranked #17 on the Best Member Poems today. Congratulations. Btw, have you seen my poem "Message of Peace 02"?

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