Fountain Of Youth Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Fountain Of Youth

Rating: 4.7

In the midst
of an everlasting journey
with no arrival in sight
a fountain of youth
is draining away

Don't waste your life
don't throw it all away
live it to the full
but with a future in your mind

Heather Wilkins 19 August 2013

a good message in this poem. nicely written

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Pere Risteski 20 August 2013

Thats it. Shortly, but very strong. ...a fountain of youth is draining away...

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David Wood 21 August 2013

A good messagte Dave, have you read my sonnet 82 on youth? ?

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Geetha Jayakumar 21 August 2013

Very well said, Fountain of youth is draining away...thoughtful poem especially for youngsters..Loved reading it.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 21 August 2013

Live life to the full. Use it well. Beautiful message through nicely crafted lines. Thank you.

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Smoky Hoss 13 September 2013

Bright and enduring words of hope, it's what we all need. Thanks Dave, good one!

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Alla Simone 31 August 2013

Captivating language with a prosaic flow. An excellent picture is painted in the first stanza, then expounded upon and made meaningful in the second stanza. It's actually pretty amazing what you've accomplished with so few words! Thanks for sharing.

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Vipins Puthooran 27 August 2013

Youth is blossom until autumn comes/ really a good poem! ! !

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Nicanor P. Tiosen 25 August 2013

A very timely message to the youth, and to everybody.

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Dennis Field 24 August 2013

nice poem, great thoughts for your life

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