Goodbye Friendship Poem by lady grace

Goodbye Friendship

Rating: 4.4

perfect match
are not we are
ideal struggle
lead us down
hand of tolerance
fades away
looses mind
destroys mentality
dropp and break
away from each other
to you my friend
am so sorry...

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 13 September 2009

perfect match are not we are ideal struggle lead us down.friendship needs patient hearing and perfect understanding to each other. real friens are those who care for sentiments and let go if there is little error. that is what is friendshipmeant to be.. friendship is not made inmatter od days it takes longer than expected time and remains inforce till it has unavoidable situation... so nice poemand touchingheart.... welcome any time......10 read ral friend... real neighbour

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Eyan Desir 13 September 2009

Well woman are hard to please all men knows that so..... maybe you are one.. anyway nice poem good write by now I know you are mad?

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Winnie Angel 14 September 2009

Thou said goodbye still lots of love for a friend can be seen in the lines.Differences and beauty between friendship...Winnie

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Romeo Della Valle 25 September 2009

Dear Lady Grace, It won't be easy to say goodbye, but can be done, turning a different leaf and listening to a different song... It is hard when there are still real feeling attached to the heart And meaningful thoughts still scattered in your mind... With pain or without, everything will be fined... Love and Peace, Romeo (you got my vote) , excellent work....

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Mamta Agarwal 24 September 2009

as all that makes a frienship worth it dies, its best to bid it goodbye. very touching composition Mamta

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Sherri Coulter 21 September 2009

...this friend sorry as well...forgiven

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Rehana Nazli 18 September 2009

It is hard to say goodbyes to those who were once friends.

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Miriam Maia Padua 14 September 2009

a sad and crisp goodbye.. expressed well and vivid feelings nice write, my friend 10 lovelots, Maia

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