Heaven Was Always Waiting For You Poem by Hazel Durham

Heaven Was Always Waiting For You

Rating: 4.8

You lived like a bird in full song
With a comforting and kind tune.
There were tough times when you became a wife,
Getting used to stony silences,
Trying to weave a peaceful life,
Your loving nature steered a course,
Away from cruel strife.

Always in your thoughts was your childhood home of Carrick,
In the rolling landscape of County Offaly,
Happiness came easily with your seventeen brothers and sisters,
Picking wild blackberries and loganberries while walking back from school
Across the fields,
Hungry for your mother's home cooked meals,
Trees majestic, bluebells, snowdrops and primroses,
Delicate and strong peeping through the long grass,
Even on misty days, there was always sunshine,
Reflecting from the heart of just a lass.

Tears flowed forever when your beloved mother departed,
Memories that later you would lovingly chart.
Charles waltzed into your life and was the leading part,
Handsome with charm he hid dark demons,
Switching from warm words to unkind,
Hard days with painful joints to endure,
You fought a battle with a smile so pure.

You were in our lives from the start,
I remember you loved the colour blue
Wearing elegant dresses with a shiny brooch,
Looking after us all, enjoying reading and writing long letters,
A nanny couldn't be better.

Blue round eyes soaked in truth and your roots,
You gave all the good that was deep inside of you,
You lived a life so true
Heaven was always waiting for you.

This is about my nanny she was the kindest and must loving woman she gave so much love to us all!
Jesus Diaz Llorico 04 July 2013

A nanny with a kind heart, a woman worthy to be praised this much A lovely write, full of love and emotion.

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Sayeed Abubakar 02 July 2013

Excellent. A beautiful picture of a natural life. I like it very much.

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Soumita Sarkar 02 July 2013

Beautifully penned...........emotions alive till the brim.............Keep writing.

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Vishal Sharma 01 July 2013

nice title a poem with a nice figure in itself and a great scene created... words are crafted with great passion, a nice loving poem as always expected from you

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Paul Brookes 01 July 2013

What a beautiful poem of motherhood and nature combined I loved the first line of the last stanza Blue round eyes soaked in truth and your roots. I can see those eyes its so well written 10/10 BB =: OD

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Akhtar Jawad 07 December 2016

A beautiful self-talk in a lovely style.....................................

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Susan Williams 19 May 2016

There is such a thing as a sad happiness, a smiling melancholy, and your poetry often seems to have an underlying aspect of this complex emotion. Maybe it is an Irish thing, breathed in from Irish air and Irish land. There just doesn't seem to be a division between human heart and the land that nurtured it in your lovely poetry.

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Achill Lad 14 October 2014

Another lovely poem, Hazel. What I like about your poems is that every word seems to come from the heart. you are able to communicate your emotions so easily. Well done.

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Thomas Carolan 04 March 2014

this poem is so deep from the heart and true sad you lived a life so true heavan was waiting for you, death touch each and and every home every moment in the world well done hazel

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Lyn Paul 29 December 2013

How beautiful with so many amazing lines. This Nanny has planted incredible memories.

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