His Face Lit Up ….[ A True Story; Bri's Little Bit Of ‘charity'; Needy? ] Poem by Bri Edwards

His Face Lit Up ….[ A True Story; Bri's Little Bit Of ‘charity'; Needy? ]

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From behind, I saw him steal food and drink.
His face was light brown; mine's more pink.
He crossed store's lot to a nearby yard.
‘I thought to myself: "Is his life so hard …
that he needs to steal to just survive? "
I guess I'd do the same to stay alive!

I told a grocery clerk what I'd seen;
it's my "honest streak".I did NOT feel mean.
The clerk said: "If I'd seen him ……...",
but she hadn't.He was tall and thin,
And when I left the store, there he sat,
leaning against the store.Think of that!

He did not ask for money, as ‘some' do.
I wondered if, with stealing, he was through …..
for a while.
I walked half a block back to my parked car.
The "distance" between him and me was not far,
but I'm sure, lifestyle-wise, the gap was great.
How many others are often hungry, with empty plate?

Perhaps he was ‘just a thief', liked the thrill?
Perhaps he was addicted to booze or a pill?
Whatever was his situation I'd never know,
but a couple of dollars from me to him could show …
that at least someone cared a bit.I went back.
He was coming out again from the store ………………

[Unfinished as of now, the poem could be finished …
IF anyone asked me to do it.I was writing it in the car,
and my wife came out from her appointment, so I stopped.]

(March ….22 ….2018)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[[ ok, i believe two PH members 'requested that i' ['TOLD
ME TO'] finish the poem. since i said i would if someone asked,
AND since some interest has been shown, i SHALL finish it here
and now, once and for all, till death do us part, AMEN!

[[....even though i kind of finished it in my Poet's Notes...
i think...]]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(poem ending) :

I had thought to see if he was in the store AGAIN & he WAS,
or just HAD been. I'd been thinking of what to say...BECAUSE
I did not know his frame of mind, his emotional 'bearing'.
Would he be 'meek and mild', …OR 'punching and swearing'?

[I'd been assaulted/punched a couple of years ago by a stranger,
and so I was NOW a LOT more cautious, & conscious of danger.]

Both now away from the store entrance, I stepped up with money ready.
I held it out and said: "I think you could use this".He looked at me, steady.
He took the two dollars.Then his face (looking at me)LIT UP like a CANDLE!
He said "Thank you", and his seeming gratitude was 'mild'.It I COULD handle!

I turned and walked away, across the store's parking lot, ……very satisfied.

(March ….27th …..2018)

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: charity,crime,hunger,poverty
This event happened this week. As i was leaving the medical building's parking lot with my wife, the guy walked past us and i started to tell my wife the story.But, as soon as i said i had given him2 bucks/dollars, she started her sermon about "He could get a job weeding if he needs money".So i stopped talking! : (


His Face Lit Up when i gave him the two dollars, and he said "Thank you". Then i think he went back into the store.

bri :)

OK!now i've finished it.(March..27th...2018)satisfied?i am.
Muzahidul Reza 24 March 2018

Needy people are still living around us, your poem is on such a person, ........ well penned from recent and practical but sad experience, thanks for sharing this excellent rhymic poem with us, ++++++ 10

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Nudershada Cabanes 25 March 2018

A fantastic narrative of your experience with a thief? Cleverly penned.10

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Laurie Van Der Hart 25 March 2018

Great poem, Bri! I think you must finish it. Shows that you notice people and have compassion. Not easy to know thè best way to deal with such situations. I'm wondering if your wife would be willing to give him a job weeding, or something...?

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Matt Mooney 26 March 2018

Finish it soon. The theme is inviting. Poems don't go away too easily.It's still hanging around in your head like your man!

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Muzahidul Reza 27 March 2018

From behind, I saw him steal food and drink. His face was light brown; mine's more pink., ....... fear made him nervous and pale and so you might be an artist to draw / describe his face so vividly, .............

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Mj Lemon 10 April 2018

Bri, I wonder how many times each day there is a person who enters a store and has no ability to pay. Some perhaps look, and some perhaps claim something just to stay alive. There's a lot of thought....and heart in this verse.

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Muzahidul Reza 02 April 2018

that at least someone cared a bit.I went back. He was coming out again from the store, well finishing of a true story poem, I'll keep it in my list

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Valsa George 31 March 2018

Such a touching story! I remember having posted a poem of this sort....similar in many ways but lacking the lighthearted vein with which you have dealt the topic. I know you are kind at heart! Probably that man must have been in acute poverty and his entrails must have been growling! I agree with Loke's suggestion so discreetly put by him! Love your spirit here Bri! A sure 10

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Loke Kok Yee 30 March 2018

Nice to know that there is some compassion in you For this kind act, there will be good karma accrued For once a week you must skip a night swilling beer Then you can give him four bucks and double his cheer Ho! Ho! Ho! Thanks Bri

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Muzahidul Reza 27 March 2018

but I'm sure, lifestyle-wise, the gap was great....... true guessing........... your poem depicts so vividly

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