How Pleasant To Know This Old Girl Jayne Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

How Pleasant To Know This Old Girl Jayne

Rating: 4.9

How pleasant it is to know Jayne,
Sometimes she can be a right pain,
She'll talk you to death,
Don't come up for a breath,
But a very good friend all the same.

Jayne Louise Davies

Inspired by Kim, Bri, Belle and Ron to have a go at this How Pleasant To Know poem x
Kim Barney 24 January 2023

Jayne, this poem was hard for me to find. It did not show up on your list of recent poems, but I finally found it and it was well worth the search! Excellent limerick. I give five stars.

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Jayne Louise Davies 24 January 2023

Thank you Kim : ) I thoroughly enjoyed writing it! Regards x

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Belle Wassermeister 24 January 2023

I, too, would not have found this poem except for Kim's comment, and I, too, give five stars. You have done a very fine job with this limerick!

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Rob Lamberton 30 January 2023

Nice to see the limerick gang in action!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 25 January 2023

A worthy entry to the contest, and posted in time! I would not have found it except by following the previous comments. *****

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Jayne Louise Davies 26 January 2023

Thank you so much Ron : ) I appreciate your comments x

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Bri Edwards 25 January 2023

If the poem is true-to-life, then you are like me, somewhat, BUT I try to give the 'other person' a chance to speak, despite preferring to do ALL the talking myself! : ) bri

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Jayne Louise Davies 25 January 2023

Oh it is true Bri I can assure you : ) I can talk for Wales as they say! : )

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Bri Edwards 25 January 2023

Jayne, if I'm ever in a hurry to die (painlessly perhaps) I'll give you a call. ;) bri

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I have declared the result of the contest. My poem "How Pleasant To Know".

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

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