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How To Write A Poem

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I've been asked to provide some clear, easy-to-understand tips on writing poetry- -tips that anyone can use to start producing first-rate poems in as little as five minutes. Ready? Let's go!

How to Write a Poem:

First, have a good idea.
This is terribly important.
Take the Pet Rock, for example- -good idea, right?
Try for something clever like that.
Naturally, some ideas are better than others.
Say you want to write a poem about a bear…
Seems like a good idea… right?
Not so fast.
What color is the bear?
If you said 'white, ' then you are correct, and have a good idea for a poem.
If you said 'brown, ' then you are a moron and should immediately relinquish any notions of writing poetry; you just don't 'get it.'

Another important rule to remember:
Make sure your poem isn't stupid.
Many inexperienced poets will fall into this trap.
How will you know if you're writing a stupid poem, you ask? ? ?
Hey, if you don't know, I'm not telling you- -but here's one tip: read your poem aloud to the cat in a really loud, annoying voice; This won't tell you anything about your poem, per se, but it will be a good indication of your own personal stupidity.

See how easy this is?

Here's a helpful tip- -think of your poem as a birthday cake.
Now you must decorate it with colorful, fancy words to impress your guests.
But be careful which words you select…
Many words are unpalatable.
You may be tempted to use words like 'jitney' or 'unfettered.'
This would be a mistake.
Words like these will stop a poem dead in its tracks.

Other words to avoid:

Conversely, some words are so poetic they can salvage all but the worst of efforts.
Here are a few examples of words virtually anyone can use which are certain to enhance any poem:
Try saying these words aloud.
Did you notice how happy your lips and tongue became?

Okay- -you're almost ready!

Final tip:
Never finish your poem without adding these two important words: The End.
It's important to put them just below the last line, so that readers will know your poem is done.
Never, EVER, put them in the middle of your poem.

Okay, I think you're ready. I hope you found these pointers helpful and enlightening.

The End.

Oh, and good luck.
(Copy and refer to this tip-sheet until memorized.)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
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Pamela Sinicrope 09 March 2016

Thank GOD for BRIAN MAYO! Enough So Effervescently Said. The End. You can put a fork in this poem and eat it!

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Brian Mayo 09 March 2016

That's a clever, fun comment, and, of course, made me feel very good. :)

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Kelly Kurt 09 March 2016

I was just about to use 'fork' in a limerick The End : -)

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Brian Mayo 10 March 2016

Wouldn't be the first time THAT'S been done...

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Savita Tyagi 06 September 2016

Up till now on this site I knew only Bri as the funniest poet. Now I add another one! Where were these instructions when I started writing! Lol! Great read Brian!

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Bri Edwards 28 August 2016

[continued from first comment, below] ...........asking! !) memorized. now, THAT made my lips VERY happy. try it sometime. thanks. my poems are bound to improve exponentially. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 28 August 2016

' then you are a moron and should immediately relinquish any............(chuckle, chuckle) per se? per WHAT? i didn't expect to have to be fluent in Latin to read this here poem! is it ok to use such words as 'jitney' or 'unfettered.' on a birthday cake? (i'm just checking.) Fo rk? which language is that? are you still talking about a cake? (i'm JUST

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Barry Middleton 10 March 2016

Gumshoe I traveled unfettered in the jitney I met and unstoppable quidnunc effervescent in his elocution he was seeking truth's credenza in his pocket was a lonely fork

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Brian Mayo 10 March 2016

The End? lol good stuff

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Mike Smith 09 March 2016

Very informative. Now I'm off to retrieve my cat. I've a lot of reading aloud to do. I shouldn't have to alter my voice any, since loud and annoying is somewhat my forte

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