Panning For Poems Poem by Brian Mayo

Panning For Poems

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“You’ll never be a poet, sir! ”
I’ve heard the others cry.
As if the thought had not occurred…
It has, I can’t deny.

“There’s nothing here for you to gain!
Your prospects are quite bleak.
You’ll break your leg on rough terrain
Or drown in Poet’s Creek…”

Yet still I dream of striking gold-
The nuggets left behind
By poets who were not as bold
Or else were simply blind.

I found some land and staked a claim
A plot of virgin earth
I’ll try my best and feel no shame
And come to know my worth.

Monday, December 7, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Kelly Kurt 07 December 2015

Excellent! ! Wisely conceived, expertly written

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Brian Mayo 08 December 2015

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Kelly. Thanks for reading.

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Spock The Vegan 07 December 2015

Well thought out and expertly rhymed....10 points

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Brian Mayo 08 December 2015

Thank you Spock. It's very nice to hear from you.

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Bri Edwards 12 November 2016

Yet still I dream of striking gold- The nuggets left behind By poets who were not as bold Or else were simply blind............BEAUTIFUL! ================================================= Hear ye, hear ye, Mister Mayo's Rich! There once was an aspiring poet, ..... or is it: one who aspired to poetry? And it was NOT poems of tin OR silver... he aspired to find, but only GOLD it'd be. He tried his luck at panning in a stream, much to the amusement of the ‘trained’... who said: “Your poesy-aspiring is a dream! ” BUT, Brian's goal of gold still remained.... and came to the fore like, at the top is, cream. The panning thing did not work for him, but Brian was not one to sigh and just give up. He staked a claim; his chances were but slim … of achieving his desire; he was a poetry-pup. Night and day he toiled to succeed at finding ‘gold’. With dynamite and nitroglycerin the rock did EXPLODE! Then came the toil with pick and poet’s shovel, sifting endlessly to find “Poetry Gold” in the rubble. It took longer than he’d imagined, but he was … slacker. Now some of his gold is on display, and I’m a Brian-backer. (November 12, 2016) Brian's to MyPoemList and mine to my poem list. bri :)

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Brian Mayo 12 November 2016

Nice poem, Sir. Really very nice. Ever watch Gold Rush on Discovery? Yep, writing poems is very often hard work- -but once in a while I stumble on a poem idea that's so obvious and pure- -it almost writes itself- -as effortless as stooping to pick a nugget from the creekbed. Thank you for your contribution to my poem. I liked it- -found myself grinning, bri. Bri

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M Asim Nehal 23 July 2016

Many a times what poet feels and what he expresses there is a mismatch and probably you are trying to highlight this point in your beautiful poem, nice poem.

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Adeline Foster 04 January 2016

Really enjoyed the gold-digger concept. So true when subjects just jump out at one from all sides. Read mine - We the Unencumbered - Adeline

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Wes Vogler 23 December 2015

And while you spade this terrain I ask that you consider the feared and despised LIMERICK and all it's nasty restrictions. It really can be a source of satisfaction.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 December 2015

Having beautiful dream fro striking gold is amazing definitely in this wise sharing. Interestingly drafted and shared.10

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