I Am Built That Way Poem by asma bahrainwala

I Am Built That Way

Rating: 4.8

I am built that way—
No alterations can be made.

Everyone says—
You gotta be thick-skinned,
You gotta be manipulative,
You gotta be artful.

But to be all of these—
One’s gotta be vile.

For god’s sake, people—
Gimme a break.
Spare me, please—
Just let me be.

I am built that way—
And, no, alterations cannot be made.

1st September 2006

Brian Dorn 28 September 2006

Asma, I'd say the builder knew what they where doing when they made you... great stuff! Brian

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Melvina Germain 02 September 2006

The difference between the young and the old, Vile never has to come into play, one learns through life, more suitable ways to attain what is necessary to survive in this vast universe. A good expression of your feelings, pen to paper--Melvina

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Preeti - is here! 01 September 2006

Asma, i loved the straightforwardness of this poem. It asserts the point very well! Preets

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William Jackson 01 September 2006

Asma, this is a great write. I like the sentiment, and it flows well. The words roll off the tongue. I love the last two lines.

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Zubyre Parvez 13 August 2007

Great poem: I always felt I was a little of everything I judged and what I saw around me but the only difference between men lies in the different degrees of intensities of their vices or virtue: how pronounced or if virtually nonexistent each virtue or vice is: that to me is the difference between what we loosely call a 'good' and a 'bad' person, its our delicate positioning between the tip of good and bad that makes us human, when we face ourselves as we are, without projection of shadow, but owning up to our horrid and most highest self. Its this strange paradox in which humans exists in our nature both terrifying gleeful etc and immortally beautiful, archetypal like Kali in a sense..hope this makes 'sense' too :) ..

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Nihal Nour 02 March 2007

Wow, what a great poem :) . I only wish you can pay more attention to punctuation. For example, don't capitalize words that need not capitalization. It might be a matter of your style, I no know, its up to you. Also, it would be better not to use colloquial language like 'Gimme'. Best of luck.: D

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Alfredo Jacques 21 December 2006

I just have to tell you great poem

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Abdul Sattar 12 October 2006

Nice and touchy lines. One may not be artficial. No alterations can be made to reality. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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Daniel Roxburgh 09 October 2006

Nice write Asma. We can never sell out. It leaves too dark a stain on our souls. Stay strong and stand on your own. It seems your doing quite well just the way you are!

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