I Am Inspired Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

I Am Inspired

Rating: 4.7

You carved words so radiant,
Ink them on a piece of paper,
Type them brilliantly on your computers.
And they inspire me.

My heart dances to the rhymes
Your words create.
My mind slides with the flow of
Your words to unknown terrains...
And I follow in your footsteps,
Of the journey you took alone
And invited me to take after you.

And God knows.....
That journey inspired me.

Your poems touch my heart,
Sooth my soul,
Ease my pain
And God knows.....
They inspire my mind.

Your intelligent comments helped me to
Fly further like an eagle soaring
Amidst clouds with no care in the world.

Though voices are not heard,
though laughs are not heard,
Though the distance try to keep us apart,
But I spoke to the moon last night.
Asked him to pass my regards to you,
Returning the one you sent with the sun.

I felt the beating of your heart
From your poems,
And from your comments,
I tasted the wisdom of your mind.
And God knows.....
I am inspired.

each and every piece of poetry I read here inspire me in a different way, being here is a great honour to me and thanks to every poet on this site for such amazing and inspirational poems...God bless ya'll.
Lawrence S. Pertillar 22 March 2014

This poem you have written should be what poetry does. Magnificent job. Inspirational, provoking, direct and yet...simple. Basic and effective. Wonderful stuff.

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Marvin Brato 07 October 2013

Inspiration flows in this profound composition...poetic indeed!

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Zandile Zoya 12 August 2013

wow i must say am Inspired by your words....#uyithethe yonke mfana

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Lorraine Colon 12 August 2013

This is a wonderful poem! Yes, we inspire each other. I find it so fulfilling writing my poems, but also rewarding to read nice poems like this one. Let's never stop writing!

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Unwritten Soul 11 August 2013

Sweet poem, love it too! _Soul

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