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I Found This Posted As A Comment On Sherrie Gonzales-Cassel's Pages - Poem by Cher Easel'igher

I found this posted as a comment on Sherrie Gonzales-Cassel's pages. Can anyone explain it?

For those who may wonder why I keep flooding the Forum page with my repetitive message, may I explain? ......
A few days ago(Weeks ago now) , two members of the site saw fit to use a certain word. The word was c*ntrag. (Yes, the asterisk stands for the letter “u”.) This is not a very common word to use in the UK and is certainly not one I have come across very often. (Sorry for any unintentional mental picture there.) Sherrie replied that she had been called this name by several people here, myself included. She claims to have proof and has provided this proof to management. I’m surprised I am still allowed to post anything! Aren’t you? The truth is, I have NEVER NEVER used this particular word, nor have I even called her the abridged version. I am no saint, I confess (Though not as often as I used to as a brainwashed child) . However, those of you who know me, know I would not stoop so low, despite my lack of intelligence. As and when Sherrie decides to admit this FACT, I will stop carpet-bombing the forum with my protest. Nothing more menacing than a desire for justice and restoring the decorum, which is supposedly her greatest wish, too? Come on Sherrie, use that massive intellect to quickly remedy this debacle. You know I’m worth it. ;)

Retract, or prove.(The word 'C*ntrag' is not something I would either use or applaud, nor have I ever used it on these pages.Fanny-pad, perhaps, but never C*ntrag.)

Sherrie Gonzales-Cassel (9/9/2008 3: 33: 00 PM) Post reply

Oisin, my Love, that is a word that I will never advocate, under any circumstances. Ez, Tara, Danny, Meta, and a few others here have used it to describe their feelings toward me. It's never okay to use it. (IMA&CO) It shows a lack of character, and it screams, 'Look at me; I am so stupid that I must cop to the most base I can be because I know no other way.' No, Love...I adore you...and I know that you are smarter than this.

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  • Scotty DoggScotty Dogg (11/12/2013 10:43:00 AM)

    What's wrong with 'c*ntrag'? Good solid word in my book. Now, if you want to get my blood boiling, just call me a Peckerwood. Ho, boy! I'll be steamin' (Report)Reply

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  • Ashraful MusaddeqAshraful Musaddeq (9/16/2008 2:40:00 AM)

    Thanks for this comment, love it. (Report)Reply

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  • Tai Chi Italy (9/16/2008 2:35:00 AM)

    Hello, know Cher Eas; 'igher! I think the obvious question would be....when does an English man become an American, when he is a scots in the first instance mon share? Of course a brit or a scot would never think of using such a disgusting expression....I mean, it goes one step further than even our worst profanities....It seems your accuser, really put her foot in this shite site this time.....

    May you find satisfaction to this unjustified censoring of the right to defend oneself.

    Have a happy snappy day

    Smiling at you


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