I Remember Those Lies Poem by shakil ahmed

I Remember Those Lies

Rating: 4.7

I Remember those lies

I remember those lies
Those were spoken long ago,
Sitting in a green park
Or on the bank of river
I couldn’t recognize
This fair girl
Wearing the garb of a hypocrite

I couldn’t recognize
The smile of that girl
That was painted
In her rosy lips.
I lost myself
At the wink
Of her terribly wild eyes
And her concocted lies.
Her amorous look was,
At the time of every departure,
A thing to remember.
Her lisping words
Seemed true like a child
I couldn’t understand
That a day would come
When I would be beguiled.

I was a fool,
Just like an insect
That jumped into fire
To get ecstatic pleasure.
The fire has burnt
My heart and soul,
Though I live with flesh and bone
Yet in the world, I am terribly alone.

Shakil Ahmed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Rajnish Manga 04 November 2015

The doublespeak of lovers can create not only misunderstandings but also grave problems for the relationship. Amazing portrayal of the situation. Thanks.

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M Asim Nehal 04 November 2015

This is very good poem which speaks about the innocence of a human mind...Though I live with flesh and bone Yet in the world, I am terribly alone.10.

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Rahman Henry 04 November 2015

Lovely poem and very artistic presentation.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 16 October 2017

Oh Shakeel, you got a beautiful expression! So true from heart, sweet and poignant!

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Kewayne Wadley 30 November 2015

Heartbreaking story told in such a distinghished manner. Nice usage of words. It flowed beautifully into a tremendous piece of art. KW

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Wes Vogler 12 November 2015

Oh, for heavens sake, get over it g ood flow, Shakil

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Lorraine Colon 06 November 2015

Deceit wears many disguises. But no one who seeks love is a fool. We are foolish only when we say we no longer need or want love. A very emotional, well written poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 November 2015

Lies hurts! Nice work.

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shakil ahmed

shakil ahmed

Badarpur, Assam, India.
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