I Woke Up This Morning Poem by Susan Williams

I Woke Up This Morning

Rating: 4.9

I woke up this morning
and I was mourning
weary and broken
my life burnin' down to ashes and smokin'
and I frowned
and looked around
and I saw my bedroom cluttered with all
those keepsakes from the seashore and the doll
you sent from Vietnam and the dream catchers we made in mountain meadow
years and years ago
and I saw the portraits of parents and grandparents and all their glory and all their fame
trapped in olden and golden picture frames
and I looked out the window
and I saw skyblue stretching from horizon to horizon in dawn's birthing glow
and I saw sparrows flitting daintily from bush to bush by twos and threes
and I saw the morning breeze arrive and begin to trifle with the leaves of the trees
..........................and I wondered
..................What would happen if I refuse
..............................to lose
..................the ability to see the magic?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life,life and death,memories,mourning
Theodora Onken 30 April 2016

Susan, this write goes beyond beautiful! You actually took me with you...i recognized every vision and every emotion one feels. You have no idea just how many times i have felt this way myself. Your poetry style was elegant and unique- warm and full of all of the emotions most of us feel. You, my dear, are a poets poet. Shall continue to read your beautiful words...keep your awesome inspiration flowing...as this is the kind of writing that makes a poet great. Theo

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Susan Williams 01 May 2016

Theo! You are spoiling me! I reread my own poem to see what it was I did to inspire such wonderful comments from a fellow poet. Boy, I want to do again whatever it was I did! ! ! Seriously, I do like to play with words and play with poem structure and I am glad to see that the structure of this one works for you. It is good to know that there are people who respond favorably to such attempts. I think I will learn a lot from you. Your comments are always helpful in pointing out what you respond to, what worked for you, what the poem added to your life. I cannot thank you enough for the time you spend encouraging all of us. You are an important part of what makes PoemHunter work- a very important part. A poet who brings out the best in other poets. Supremely Thankful Susan

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Sofia Kioroglou 18 April 2016

Exquisite! Love your work. Really evocative and powerful! Well-done!

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Anjandev Roy 04 September 2022

Outstanding work......one of Ur best....

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Dr Dillip K Swain 28 July 2021

my life burnin' down to ashes and smokin.......I like this scintillating expression!

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Susan Williams 04 September 2022

thank you for pointing out the lines and wording that spoke to your soul! it helps to know these things

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Bharati Nayak 28 July 2021

A great poem dear Susan Williams.You have the ability to see magic around you.And don't lose that.

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Captain Cur 18 March 2021

This is true, life's magic is all around us in our present observations, past memories and future dreams. But we are the keepers of our own magic. Don't lose that wand! Raise it high to the stars! A vert beautiful, meaningful and poignant write, Susan.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 05 March 2020

This beautiful poem conveys strength of character, determination and hope. Wonderfully written with great imagery. Onto my Poem List.

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Susan Williams 08 March 2020

Thank you ever so much for your deep understanding of what is happening in this poem. I think you must be a very wise and attentive woman, Rose Marie

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