Imagination Poem by Valerie Dohren


Rating: 4.9

O step into a wondrous world
Where visions beautiful are hurled
As through imagination`s play
All thoughts then drift so far away
As sweet illusions to portray

Behind reality`s dark face
Is veiled a bright empyreal place
Where fantasies are captured there
And dreams are evermore laid bare
Magnificent beyond compare

Whilst portraits flicker in the mind
With sounds sublime there too entwined
In still`ed contemplation bound
The dancing chimera resound
Through every thought and all around

So, fanciful, the mind ascends
Through maze-like paths it ever wends
To wander into realms extant
That captivate and so enchant
Imagination`s wish to grant

O step into this glorious world
Where there all dreams be yet unfurled
Then dance with joy and sweet delight
To witness soft in mystic flight
Illusions beauteous to your sight

Captain Cur 26 August 2012

A stupendous visionary write. Imagination is our guide.

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Unwritten Soul 25 August 2012

Lovely! ! when imagination takes place we can color anything and arrange impossible to anywhere we wanted, lovely write as always Valerie_Unwritten Soul

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Mark Normand 25 August 2012

An elegant poem that flows smoothly while painting a picture of the sublime world we all let our minds drift away to when we are overcome by boredom and we need to smile.Good job.

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Dave Walker 25 August 2012

The dream world can be a wonderful place. A fantastic poem.

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Smoky Hoss 25 August 2012

Seems to be more than one beautiful meaning flowing sweetly through this wonderful poem. A dream, a hope, a spirit, ... a destination.

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James Casey 29 August 2012

Thanks Val you have described our crazy minds to a tee, for if if weren't for the imaginations of poets like you, our world would most certainly be a dull place............

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 27 August 2012

Imagination well described in this finely woven poem with vivid images that leap out in words and lines.

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Danny Draper 27 August 2012

A beautiful celebration of and for imagination woven with some choice descriptions and inspiring imagery and emotions.

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Valsa George 27 August 2012

I am sure you are now in a euphoric land of imagination! Where is that bright empyreal place veiled? You leave us to drift in wishful longing for such a place! !

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Ken E Hall 27 August 2012

Nice to read imagination and dreams without them we have nothing, your second verse fits my fantasy of dancing which I do 3 times a week...dreams laid bare with music...thanks for this...regards

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