In A Classy Cafe Poem by Ernestine Northover

In A Classy Cafe

Rating: 5.0

They are two smart ladies, in a cafe, drinking tea,
Both chattering away so fast, and so very merrily,
They have obviously, to my mind, been friends for many years,
One of them is talking, the other one, she hears,
Then they change around, so it works the other way,
The talker listens hard, to what the other has to say.

One lady wears such a fashionable, stylish coat of red,
The second one has no coat at all, but what she wears instead
Is a very neat designer dress of a gentle pastel blue,
With a string of pearls around her neck, and pearl earrings too.

Such clear sophistication, they both elegantly display,
One with brown hair, shoulder length, one with short hair, grey,
A Mother and her Daughter, of that I have no doubt,
Just meeting here together, I know not what about,
But they seem to be very happy, and don't even notice us,
Watching so attentively. Oh! , Heck, now we've missed our bus!

© Ernestine Northover

Charles Chaim Wax 18 January 2006

the eye is all without which the poet never enters the inner world of self and other this clear bit of observation reveals a universe and those who dwell within its vast details a grand poem the words an act of sublime creation

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Uriah Hamilton 18 January 2006

how lovely to watch people.

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Andrew Blakemore 19 May 2008

That will teach you not to be so nosey! Great piece of work, well done. Love Andrew xxx

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Duncan Wyllie 01 April 2006

You take such notice in the things that go on around you.The little gems kept safe for the heart to ponder.Love Duncan

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Shannon Chapel 29 January 2006

This is great! lol A 10 from me. Shannon

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Raynette Eitel 20 January 2006

Ernestine, this is really a fine piece, using your observation skills and fitting the rhymes just so. The little bit of humor at the end jarred me but then I realized how well it fit the moment. Good work. Raynette

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Hugh Cobb 18 January 2006

Ernestine, This is a lovely poem of observation. In reading it, I felt as though there might have been more to explore about the story and where it might be going. The ending seemed tacked on to get the closing rhyme rather than furthering the tale? Just my impression. As always, your work shows great skill and craft. All the best, Hugh

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